PICTURE GALLERY: Heavy rain floods parts of Northampton over the weekend as a huge storm hit the town

A sudden deluge of rain hit Northampton on Sunday evening leaving cars stranded, homes flooded and businesses shut.

The huge storm, which had been predicted by the Met Office which issued a severe weather warning for the town, hit at around 7pm on Sunday.

Far Cotton was one of the worst hit areas (Photo: UGC)

Far Cotton was one of the worst hit areas (Photo: UGC)

A huge amount of rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, fell in a short space of time leading to flash flooding across the town.

Far Cotton was one of the worst-hit areas.

Cars were left stranded, home flooded and businesses forced to close.

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As the clean-up operation continues today (Monday), we will bring you all the latest in the aftermath of the floods.

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