Queues at the tip, lane closures, roadworks... This is what's causing traffic chaos in one area of Northampton

Here's why traffic is building up in this part of Northampton

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 11:53 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 11:54 am

There has been long queues of traffic in a busy part of Northampton recently - here's why.

Traffic has been building up in the Sixfields and Upton areas of the town for multiple reasons.

Fifteen-week roadworks have started along a short stretch of the Weedon Road, just outside the under-construction Weedon Road Retail Park.

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Queues for Sixfields HWRC yesterday (Tuesday June 1).

Just down the road from there, there are long queues of motorists looking to get into Sixfields Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC).

And further out of the town, towards Upton, the grass verges are being cut along the A4500, with one lane being closed to allow this to happen.

These works, compounded with the easing of the lockdown restrictions and the weather being nice, have led to congestion on the roads.

The council was contacted to ask how long the verge cuttings would take.

Traffic has been reduced to one lane along the A4500 next to Upton.

A West Northamptonshire council spokesperson said: “Verge cutting will continue at various locations in Northampton until June 18. This is usual for this time of year to ensure safety and visibility for road users.”

It is believed that the verge cuttings and lane closure is set to finish in Upton tomorrow (June 3).

In terms of the queues for Sixfields HWRC, the council explained why this is happening and how it might be prevented.

The spokesperson added: “Demand for the household waste recycling centres has continued to be high throughout the pandemic as people have had more time at home to renovate and do DIY, and around a bank holiday weekend we always see increased volumes of traffic at the HWRCs anyway.

"Because social distancing measures are also in place it means fewer vehicles are able to the access the site at any one time, and unfortunately this can lead to traffic queues outside during busy times."

The council has recently extended the opening times at Sixfields HWRC to try and combat the large queues of traffic.

The spokesperson continued: “We would remind everyone to only visit a HWRC if it’s essential and to consider if their waste can be safely store at home for now.

"We would also ask visitors to try and make fewer visits with larger loads, and to separate waste into different recyclable materials before arriving as this makes unloading faster.

"We also ask drivers not to arrive earlier than the opening time as this creates queues that can cause a traffic obstruction before the site is even open.

"Please plan ahead as recycling centres will close at 6pm even if traffic is still queuing, so if there are queues outside the site when you arrive and it’s within an hour of when the site is due to close you may not be able to dispose of your waste, so you will need to return at another time."

It is also believed that City Fibre roadworks in the area until June 11 which may also be affecting traffic in that area.