15-week roadworks at Weedon Road Retail Park started on June 1

Here's a roundup of roadworks, closures and traffic congestion in Northampton right now - in pictures

There is currently a heavy build up of single-file traffic in one specific part of Northampton

Friday, 11th June 2021, 4:43 pm

Here's some of the major roadworks happening in Northampton right now.

Works in the Sixfields and St James area of the town are currently having the most effect on traffic.

Fifteen-week roadworks outside of the under-construction Weedon Road Retail Park are creating a heavy build up of traffic going towards town.

Further down the Weedon Road there are works being carried out opposite Franklin's Gardens, which are expected to be finished by Monday (June 14).

So within a 0.5 mile stretch of road, and only one lane for traffic due to the 24/7 bus lane, the A4500 is becoming heavily congested from Sixfields all the way into town, which is around 1.5 miles.

All the while, the 24-hour bus lane, which runs alongside all of this traffic, is scarcely used by buses or bicycles and is arguably helping to create a build up of traffic.

The bus lane was converted into a 24-hour zone by the council in a bid to become more environmentally friendly, as the authority was hoping people would cycle and use the buses more.

According to planning experts, the effects of traffic congestion is: wasted fuel, increased CO2 emissions, and higher levels of other air pollutants resulting in negative health effects.

Two roads are also closed in the Abington area.

A stretch of Adnitt Road is closed until July 9. While St Michaels Mount is closed until June 25 due to Anglian Water being on site.

These two works are near to each other but do not seem to be causing too much traffic in the area.

As the weather has improved, lockdown restrictions have lifted and roadworks are taking place, it does appear as if Northampton's roads are reverting to pre-pandemic levels.

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