Fly-tipping continues to persist at this notorious hotspot in Northampton despite barriers being put up

"The removal of any fly-tipping that occurs is their responsibility, and we cannot expect our taxpayers to foot the bill"

By Logan MacLeod
Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 9:07 am

Fly-tipping continues to persist in one part of Northampton despite barriers being installed to stop rubbish dumpers.

The unnamed access road leading down to Sixfields Reservoir is a notorious spot for people to dump their rubbish - there are currently piles of filth stacking up at the site.

The private owners of the road have put up a large wooden barrier along with warnings against fly-tipping. However, this has not solved the issue, all it has done is hide it.

The wooden barriers near Sixfields Reservoir

Fly-tippers are now throwing their waste over the top of the barriers, which is rotting away in a disused car park.

This newspaper went to West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) to ask what is being done about the site and if CCTV could possibly be placed in the area.

Cllr David Smith, from WNC, said: “This site is privately owned, and the fencing was installed by the landowner.

"While we can offer advice to landowners to help them secure their land against this problem, the removal of any fly-tipping that occurs is their responsibility, and we cannot expect our taxpayers to foot the bill.

Fly-tippers are just hurling their rubbish over the top of the barriers

“Nevertheless, fly-tipping is a national problem that blights our streets and countryside, and we will investigate any and all incidents that are reported to us, whether they occur on private or public land.

"CCTV surveillance is one of the methods available to officers to assist with gathering evidence, and this is used where appropriate."

The councillor went on to thank residents who report fly-tipping, which he says helps bring offenders to justice.

Cllr Brown added: “Fly-tippers face a £400 fixed penalty notice, and, in some cases, can be prosecuted, resulting in an unlimited fine or up to six months imprisonment on conviction in a magistrates' court.

“I would urge anyone who witnesses fly-tipping in West Northamptonshire to report it to us on our website at or by calling 0300 126 7000.”

This newspaper is still searching for the private landowner who is responsible for the area.

In other news regarding fly-tipping in the town, two planters have been placed on a spot described as the worst in Northampton town centre for fly-tipping in the hope of deterring people from illegally dumping rubbish.

The large wooden boxes filled with herbs for anyone to take have been put on Queens Road at the junction with Clare Street thanks to two Labour councillors.