One year on, ANOTHER twister spotted in skies near Northampton

Clouds swirl over Crick during last night's storms

Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 8:13 am
This was the spectacular sight over Crick at around 6pm last night captured by reader Matt Magee

Almost a year to the day after a tornado caused havoc, some Northamptonshire folk had a grandstand seat for another twister in the skies overhead.

This time there were no reports of damage on the ground as the cloud formation accompanied a ferocious storm to the west of Northampton at around 6pm on Tuesday (July 27).

Twisters that do not reach the Earth's surface are officially called funnel clouds — unlike around 30-35 tornadoes seen each year in the UK.

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According to the Met Office, it is very rare tornadoes are strong enough to cause any significant damage, although one that touched down here last year certainly did.

Local weather experts tracked the trail of the tornado on July 25, 2020, reckon it took just 15 minutes to whizz through parts of Northampton and surrounding villages.

The twister started life near Weedon and then crossed the M1 before moving over the Bramptons and causing damage on a building site at Buckton Fields.

Weather radars picked up last night's storm over Long Buckby and Crick
The funnel clouds formed overhead as storm clouds gathered