Northampton father on trial says toddler 'seemed fine' in minutes after he claims intruder beat his son to death

A Northampton father on trial for the murder of his toddler claims he 'was not aware of any injuries' just 30 minutes before the boy died from internal bleeding.

Monday, 15th October 2018, 5:15 pm
Updated Monday, 15th October 2018, 6:25 pm
Forensic teams at the flat in Arthur Street.

Raphael Kennedy, 31, was dealing drugs in an alleyway when he left his two-year-old son Dylan alone in a flat in Arthur Street for '10 to 15' minutes in December 2017.

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Who's been sentenced at Northampton Magistrates' Court.

At Northampton Crown Court today (October 15), he told the jury it was in this time someone must have entered his unlocked flat and beaten the child to death.

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A post-mortem has revealed Dylan had liver damage and at least 13 broken ribs when he died.

But today, Kennedy told the court when he returned to the flat after the drugs deal, Dylan was 'lying on his front' playing with a Peppa Pig toy and 'seemed fine'.

Prosecutor Jonas Hankin QC said: "He was not fine on the morning on December 16. He was 30 minutes from death.

"You're a liar, Mr Kennedy. And you will not admit that you and only you are responsible for beating this defenceless little boy to death."

Kennedy said: "I would never ever harm my son."

Kennedy has testified that after he came back to the flat - minutes after, he claims, an intruder beat Dylan and broke 13 of his ribs - he picked him up under his armpits and got ready to take him into town.

Mr Hankin said: "Do you not see that the evidence of the injuries is beyond question... He would have been in agony. Every breath, every movement, every time you touched him would have been extremely painful. How can you possibly stand there and say he seemed okay?"

Kennedy said: "I was in such a rush that day... He seemed fine. I was not aware of any injuries."

The court also heard that Kennedy was convicted in 2016 for breaking his then-partner's jaw by punching her in the face.

Kennedy said: "I regret it. It was an argument that got out of hand."

A consultant paediatrician told the court last week that the boy's injuries were 'consistent with abuse'.

The trial continues.