Northampton thug sentenced to three years and nine months after brutal assaults on ex partner left her 'a nervous wreck'

The offender denied his victim medical help for days and blamed her for 'letting him drink' before one assault

By Max Pearson
Friday, 14th January 2022, 9:57 am

A violent thug from Northampton has been handed a three year and nine month prison sentence for several brutal assaults on his former partner, leaving her with injuries that left her scarred both 'mentally' and 'physically'.

Hayden Wykes formerly of no fixed address, had already served more than ten months in custody before his sentencing hearing at Northampton Crown Court on Thursday (January 13). Wykes appeared via video link from prison.

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Hayden Wykes. Photo: Northamptonshire Police.

Injuries from these included a perforated eardrum after he slapped her to the side of the head.

The offender had also engaged in 'controlling and coercive behaviour' by 'jealously' monitoring her texts, interrogating her over who she was speaking to and even once questioning her children whether she was 'seeing' other men.

The 'most serious' assault took place on February 21, 2021. Wykes was already on police bail at this point, which was supposed to keep him away from his victim.

Prosecuting, Gordana Turudja-Austin, said: "Following the defendant's arrest, he was on police bail. She picked him up, although he was not supposed to contact her, and the pair had dinner together at home, drinking wine. Both agreed that it had been a 'pleasant evening' that had turned sour.

"Wykes admitted that he had been drinking and became aggressive, telling the complainant that he had removed her phone already so that she could not call the police again.

"Things became hostile in the bedroom upstairs, after which he threw her down the stairs.

"He then pinched her nose with his thumb and forefinger and pressed his hand against her mouth with so much force that she was suffocating. He held her down with one hand and began beating her with the other."

The offender also 'ground his forehead into her face' and threw her against the stairs and furniture, fracturing two ribs and causing various other injuries.

The victim had to endure this ordeal for around three hours, all while her children waited upstairs.

Ms Turudja-Austin added: "Effectively, he roughed her up for a lengthy period of time. It was a sustained assault that terrified her.

"She was in pain afterwards and needed hospital treatment, but wasn't given that for days afterwards.

"The defendant said she didn't need treatment because it was 'her fault' for letting him drink."

The offender could not deny these claims because 'he'd had so much to drink and/or cocaine that he had no recollection of what happened', as read Judge David Herbert.

In her victim impact statement, the former partner said: "My experience with him has not only left me physically scarred, but also mentally.

"The postman knocking at the door has me shaking and crying. I am a nervous wreck. I've even had to up my medication from my doctor just so I can sleep.

"Physically being in pain, I was unable to complete daily tasks. I refused to let anyone see me because I was ashamed of my scars and I had to lie to my family about the injuries.

"I felt like I had let my children down. I was wrong to let him come back the last time."

Wykes had already pleaded guilty to two counts of causing actual bodily harm, two of assault by beating and one count of engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour, between July 2019 and February 2021 — although he denied the coercive control count until he changed his plea at Northampton Crown Court hearing on November 26.

Judge Herbert subsequently sentenced him on Thursday to three years and nine months in prison, ten months of which have already been served.

Wykes was slapped with a permanent restraining order and a victim surcharge was also applied.