Northampton club boss reiterates extensive security measures taken to combat a series of drink spikings in town

40 CCTV cameras are inside the club, drug dogs are sniffing out illegal substances, and staff are being searched

Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 1:03 pm
NB's is offering 'spikeys' and 'stop tops' to prevent club-goers' drinks being tampered with

A popular Northampton nightclub has moved to reassure clubbers that 'pro-active' steps are being taken to prevent drink spikings.

This comes after a series of drink spiking allegations across venues in Northampton town centre, which Northamptonshire Police are investigating and believe are linked.

The latest drink spiking allegation was at an unnamed Northampton nightspot this weekend (Sunday), police confirmed.

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Officers revealed a man was taken to hospital after collapsing in the town centre between 11am on Sunday night and 2am Monday (September 27).

Northampton nightspots are especially busy this week following the arrival of university and college students for 'Freshers Week'.

The director of one of the town's busiest nightclubs, NB's in Bridge Street, Marc Sawer, has outlined the steps his club is taking to make 'people feel safer'.

Mr Sawer said in a statement: "Alongside our normal process of scanning all customers' IDs upon entry, all visitors to NB’s are also currently being searched for illegal substances upon entry including their wallets and bags.

"We have also introduced drugs dogs to provide searches across the venue to sniff out anything that could have been hidden in concealed places. The drugs dogs also search all bars each night as well as the staff.

"NB’s has also added in routine checks of staff before, during and after shifts to ensure full transparency, emphasising that the business is taking security and guest safety seriously.

"There are over 40 CCTV cameras covering the whole venue, and with plain-clothed officers and uniformed police patrolling the area, we hope this can be the safest way to move forward to deter further instances happening.

"The venue is working very closely with the police and the licensing team to ensure the measures that have been put in place are sufficient in protecting customers.

"The police and licensing team have confirmed they have thoroughly checked all their processes, safety measures and team, and are happy with what we have done so far, and we continue to support them."

The club boss went on to say that products to protect drinks have been brought in to help 'drinkers feel safer'. These include:

'Spikeys' - they sit 'on your bottle and only allows space for a straw'. These are free from the bar.

'Stop tops' - a sticky foiled cover that attaches securely to the rim of your glass and allows you to pierce the foil with a straw. Also available for free at the bar.

'Night cap' - they cover glass with a small hole for a straw. These are reusable, easy to transport and can be transferred from drink to drink. The first 200 will be free and then they will be available to purchase for £2.

Mr Sawer added: "NB’s want to encourage drinkers to be vigilant and use their initiative on a night out and to actively take advantage of the safety measures to protect your drinks.

"If people do feel they’ve had their drink spiked then report it to the police or venue management immediately.

"NB’s wants to work together with the public to help protect, educate, and provide people with a safe environment."