'Disgraceful' Northampton alleyway finally cleaned after Chron campaign leads to warning notice by council

After weeks and weeks of unchecked flytipping, a filthy alleyway in Northampton has finally be cleaned

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 9:06 am
A filthy alleyway in Northampton town centre has finally been cleaned after months of unchecked flytipping.

The company responsible for a filthy alleyway in Northampton town centre have done their duty and cleaned up months of flytipping following a campaign by the Chronicle & Echo.Last month, the Chronicle & Echo reported on how the alleyway off Sheep Street had fallen to disgrace after weeks and weeks of unchecked littering.

Pictures showed the passage littered with piles of bin bags, glass bottles and human waste.

Now, after an investigation to find and contact the company responsible, the alleyway has finally been cleaned.

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A picture of the alleyway in February taken by the Chron. Weeks and weeks of flytipping and littering had built up.

The company responsible, Amor Management Ltd, was served with a community protection warning notice by the borough council following the Chron's story.

Cabinet member for environment councillor Mike Hallam said: “Following the ongoing work undertaken by our Environmental Health and Wardens teams, and the issuing of a Community Protection Warning Notice, the owner of this alleyway has taken action to clean it up.

“There is little doubt that the Chronicle & Echo contacting the company also helped in resolving this issue and we will continue to work with the owner to try and reach an acceptable arrangement for ongoing monitoring and maintenance.”

Northampton market stall trader Eamonn 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald was pleased with the result after raising the issue of the alleyway on his Twitter page for more than three months.

The alleyway has now finally been cleaned by the responsible company, Amor Management Ltd.

He told the Chron: "It took them long enough but it's sorted now.

"I don't see why I should have had to go on about it for three months but it's done.

"The only right thing to do now is put CCTV in place or come up with a solution to stop flytippers so it doesn't get this way again."

Amor Management Ltd is the current listed owner on the alleyway's land registry, which connects to the rear of the former Balestra Nightclub and Greyfriars.


An earlier owner submitted a planning proposal in 2019 to renovate the nightclub into an 'All You Can Eat World Buffet Restaurant', as well as 69 student flats on the upper floors.

As such, the alleyway - which links the rear of Balestra, Sheep Street and Greyfriars - is private land and is outside the remit of the borough council's environmental agency team.

The Chron is now calling on Amor Management Ltd to put measures in place to prevent another build up of filth, rubbish and flytipping.

Northampton market trader Eamonn 'Fitzy' Fitzpatrick has been raising the issue over the alleyway for over three months.