Watch trailer for high-end documentary production 'Welcome to NN' which looks at positives and negatives of Northampton

Film set to be released next month hopes to 'inspire change' and improve the town

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 2:45 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd October 2021, 4:59 pm

A trailer has been released for a high-end documentary production which looks at the positives and negatives of Northampton in a bid to 'inspire change'.

Northampton-raised filmmaker Heather Andersen announced this week that her 'Welcome to NN' documentary will be released in November.

The film's Facebook page gives a short synopsis of the documentary. It reads: "What has happened to Northampton? An uncensored short documentary interviewing the leaders of the council, the public and the businesses here. Highlighting the good and the bad, and discussing what we can do to improve our beloved town we call our home."

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A drone shot taken from the film's trailer

Although it will be released in November, a specific date and screening location has yet to be confirmed.

Heather, 41, funded the project herself through her film production company AND Productions Ltd as she wanted to have 'full control' over the content.

Speaking to the Chron in August, Heather stressed the series is not intended to 'slate' the town but instead find a 'long-term solution'.

The former Moulton School student said: "It's a film series geared towards getting people's mindset changed about being so down about the town.

"The whole point is to inspire people to start looking after Northampton.

"The council is very involved. It is not perfect, no-one is. It's not, in any way, shape or form meant to be detrimental to the council. It is not a blame game.

"One of the main things we picked up from the film is people saying others moan and groan but don't do anything about it, and a lack of communication.

"The film is there to view and see what you can do to help. What can we all do to make it a better place? It's going to be a long-term solution. It's not an over night fix."

To read the full interview with Heather, click here.

This newspaper caught up with Heather again on Friday (October 22) after the film's completion.

She said: "I think the one thing that's changed is, I started doing this film to promote the town, but after we interviewed Rufia Ashraf and also Jonathan Nunn and Jane Birch, it was quite an eye opener in the sense that, a lot of the people who work for the council are passionate, and we have also debunked some myths that are floating around.

"I am aiming to launch it in a venue in Northampton, but need to speak to a few people. It will 100% be November, but likely end of the month."

To visit the documentary's Facebook page, click here.