Filmmaker to release documentary next month about positives and negatives of Northampton in a bid to 'inspire change'

The film producer interviewed businesses, the public and the authorities in a bid to find a 'long-term solution' for Northampton's future

Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 9:50 am
Heather Andersen

A filmmaker is releasing a series of films about Northampton 'designed to inspire people to back the town and make it nice again'.

Heather Andersen has nearly finished her 'high production' project where she talks to business, the general public, the council and more, and asks the question: 'how can we make Northampton nice again?'.

The 41-year-old has funded the project herself through her film production company, AND Productions Ltd, as she wanted to have 'full control' over the content.

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Heather said: "I wanted to do this project last year but because of Covid it wasn't appropriate, so we postponed.

"The whole reason I started this was because I came over here from Denmark in 1988 and basically grew up in Northampton in the 90s. I loved the town back then, it was great.

"But, obviously, over the last 25 years the town has really gone down hill in a lot of ways.

"The main thing that bothers me is the fly-tipping and the anti-social behaviour. I live in Dallington and I realised I don't go into the town centre for those reasons.

"On the flip side, there are so many great little independent shops and places popping up now in the town."

Heather explained what the film is about and wanted to stress that the series is not intended to 'slate' the town but instead find a 'long-term solution'.

The former Moulton School student said: "It's a film series geared towards getting people's mindset changed about being so down about the town.

"The main film looks at the positives and negatives. It gives everyone's thoughts on a solution. So everyone can have a voice.

"This is not to slate the town or the public or the businesses. It's designed to inspire people to take back the town, take pride in it and make it nice again.

"It highlights all the amazing things about the town; there is so much that people don't take full advantage of and instead focus on the negatives.

"The whole point is to inspire people to start looking after Northampton.

"The council is very involved. It is not perfect, no-one is. It's not, in any way, shape or form meant to be detrimental to the council. It is not a blame game.

"One of the main things we picked up from the films is people saying others moan and groan but don't do anything about it, and a lack of communication.

"The film is there to view and see what you can do to help. What can we all do to make it a better place? It's going to be a long-term solution. It's not an over night fix."

Heather added: "I want people to get behind this. Share the film, show people what the film's about and start coming together to make Northampton a happier place."

Keep an eye out for the film on AND Production's Instagram and website.

The film is set to be released next month.