Northamptonshire couple to appear on Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations

The duo bought a village hall but it was more than they bargained for

A Northamptonshire couple will appear on a Channel 4 this evening on George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations.

Stuart and Teresa bought a village hall in Greens Norton, near Towcester, which originally started out as a village school.

The couple were looking to downsize, but could not pass on the opportunity to buy the village hall and its neighbouring cottage.

The couple bought a village hall.

Stuart is an architectural designer and owns a building company, which Teresa and their son Jamie works for, so it was a family affair to turn the building into their home.

The programme follows the couple as they attempt to complete the renovation - which was more than they bargained for - before their son’s wedding.

Architect George Clarke helps along the way as the couple rides the inevitable highs and lows of renovation.

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The Northamptonshire village hall that will appear on Channel 4's George Clarke's Remarkable Renovations.

The programme description reads: “George meets Stuart and Theresa, who were looking to downsize ready for retirement until they saw a huge and cavernous village hall for sale.

“Bigger than they bargained for, it was an opportunity too good to pass up. With 40 years in the building trade, Stuart and Theresa, with help from son Jamie, set about turning it into their home.”

The programme is in its second series and the Northamptonshire property features on the fifth episode.

George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations will air on Channel 4 at 9pm until 10pm tonight (August 3), although it may already be available to stream via on demand and All 4.