Take a trip down memory lane at Everdon Outdoor Learning Centre as historical building celebrated ‘fabulous’ 50th anniversary

“We had our special celebratory book on sale, which is beautiful and full of stories and pictures”

A long-standing Northamptonshire centre celebrated its anniversary this month.

The centre near Daventry marked the event with two open days during the May bank holiday weekend (May 5 and 6).

Everdon Outdoor Learning Centre, a residential centre run by West Northamptonshire Council that caters for group residential visits and focuses on environmental education, has been operating for half a century this year.

People, local schools, and groups have been planning visits, meetings, and tours of the centre for decades now.

The Everdon Outdoor Learning Centre manager, Nina Krawczyk said: “We had a fabulous couple of days.”

People took a trip down memory lane, explored the centre and the recently constructed outdoor classroom, and purchased a new book on the building's history, which was available at the venue on the day.

Nina said: “The team would like to thank everyone who attended and supported the event. We had so many visitors across the 2 days—ex-pupils from when it was the local village school, adults that had been on a school trip when they were children came back to reminisce, local people that simply came to look around and discover the history of this iconic Victorian building.”

The building has been a part of the community for 146 years and was constructed in 1877, first being opened as a Victorian school until 1970.

Tanya Askew, one of the Everdon Outdoor Learning Centre education rangers, has been working on the book for the last four years.

“Lots of people got the chance to cook marshmallows on the open fire. The Everukes entertained us on Sunday, and of course we had our special celebratory book on sale, which is beautiful and full of stories and pictures,” said Nina.

The book is still available to purchase from the centre for £20. People can get in touch with the team at [email protected] or call 01327 361384 to secure a copy while stocks last.

Click here to learn more about the history of the 146-year-old building from the staff at the centre.