Continental Circus Berlin at their theatre-style 'Big Top' in Sixfields, Northampton on Sunday, September 26 2021. Photo by Kirsty Edmonds.

IN PICTURES: 'Sensational' new Circus show comes to Northampton with 'death-defying' acts

The show consists of a variety of heart-stopping acts by performers from all over the world

Monday, 27th September 2021, 12:18 pm

Continental Circus Berlin has been entertaining Northampton with 'fantastic' and 'death-defying' performances all week at their 'Big Top' in Sixfields.

The show was put together by the producers of the Moscow State Circus as part of their exclusive UK tour and commenced from Wednesday, September 22 and it will continue until Tuesday, September 28.

Audiences are guided by clowns, Angelo and Eddie, through a variety of heart-stopping acts that include aerialist’s, quick change artistes, high wire walkers, the rotating wheel of destiny, motorbike balancers, Hula Hoop queens, whirlwind acrobats and the death defying Globe of Death with riders traveling a G force speeds inside a mesh dome.

Here are 18 pictures taken of the circus on Sunday, September 26 in Sixfields:

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