Circus Ginnett at Newnham Farm, DodfordCircus Ginnett at Newnham Farm, Dodford
Circus Ginnett at Newnham Farm, Dodford

In pictures: Dazzling performers bring smiles to faces young and old as circus comes to Northamptonshire

Dazzling performers gave families a chance to have some fun and forget about the coronavirus pandemic for an hour as the circus came to Northamptonshire

Circus Ginnett wowed visitors to the big top in Dodford from Wednesday (May 26) to yesterday (Monday) with aerialists, hula hoops, jugglers and a daredevil motorbike carousel.

While the two clowns, Mr Fips and Jerry, left people young and old with a smile on their faces with their mad cap antics.

Trapeze artist Lisandra Austin, who runs the circus, said it was great to be back after 15 months because of Covid-19 and to give people some much-needed entertainment.

"It was really nice to be back, not only for us, it's brilliant to do what we love and be on the road again," she told this newspaper.

"But to bring happiness to families again that have been through lots through lockdown at home with kids, many who do not have big homes or a garden and have had to do their schoolwork at home.

"I have a little one and it's hard going so to get a tiny bit of normality back to their lives and have an hour to forget any problems or issues or difficulties they've experienced through lockdown and be able to enjoy themselves and relax and get into the magic bubble as we say - it's priceless."

It was only the second pitch for Circus Ginnett, having started the previous week, and proceeds from the first night were donated to NHS Charities Together.

Lisandra said: "It went really well - the public was lovely and they really enjoyed all the performances and we had lots of nice reviews on our Facebook page.

"Many said it was their first time coming to the circus with their little kids and they all had fun - from young to old and we had such a nice welcome."

Anyone who missed Circus Ginnett in Dodford can find it in Southam, Warwickshire, from Thursday to Sunday this week.

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