Twinfest to celebrate 25th anniversary when music festival returns from two-year hiatus

More than 20 acts from Northampton will join musicians from Poitiers and Marburg for gigs at four venues across the town.

By David Jackson
Monday, 4th July 2022, 6:46 pm
Updated Monday, 4th July 2022, 7:06 pm
Twinfest 2022.
Twinfest 2022.

Musicians from France and Germany will join acts from Northampton this month when Twinfest returns to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid, music venues across the town will be hosting gigs across four days with acts from Northampton’s music scene joining performers from twinned towns Poitiers and Marburg.

Looking ahead to this year’s festival, which takes place from Thursday, July 28 to Sunday, July 31, Kenny Precious - who has been involved in helping to organise Twinfest since 2010 - said: “It feels amazing to be back, these two years away have been difficult for everyone given what we’ve all been through and having the opportunity to put on this show again now is hopefully as cathartic for us as it will be for everyone involved.

“The fact it’s our 25th anniversary is important because it shows there is still a want for this kind of connection, despite what our politicians may or may not think, and joining artists from our twin towns up with the Northampton music scene seems more important now than ever.

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    “Personally, I believe what the audiences and the local musicians ‘get’ out of this is not just the chance to perform but also to make new friends and mix up our musical and mental DNA with Europe.”

    Visiting acts this year include Nothing Works and Noise Affair from France and Rathmann and Filmboy from Germany.

    Poitiers DJ and filmmaker Ronan will also be attending, playing French house at certain Twinfest gigs.

    More than 100 acts applied to represent Northampton, with Mr Precious admitting it was an “incredibly difficult task” picking the line-up with fellow organisers.

    More than 20 acts from Northampton will be playing alongside visiting musicians including Eddz, Viddy, Stereo Ghosts, Rolling Thunder, The Snakeman 3, Krankhead, Tu-Kay and Ryan, Russ Heyworth, Paul Cox, Celine Ellis, Tom Rose, Fossil Heads, Ant!i!, Wishing Wolf, Leo Robinson, Tragic, Balter, Dancing Drums, The Barratts, Marabar Caves, Crawlspaces, Luna Rosa, Deaf Trap and Phantom Isle.

    The Garibaldi, The Lamplighter, The Charles Bradlaugh and The Black Prince will all be hosting Twinfest gigs.

    Other members of the Twinfest organising team include Mr Precious’ wife Bee – who played at MaNo festival in Germany in 2007 and Paul Brown, from Stalkers Studio, who has been involved for more than a decade.

    Talking about the venues taking part this year, Mr Precious said: “The Black Prince has been involved ever since it re-opened, I was super keen for this to be an important part of what Twinfest is given the building is where it all began.

    “Given the effort it has made to be a main player in the local scene, now we can really showcase the festival with its amazing live room and fantastic garden stage.

    “But as always, The Lamplighter and Paul Hannah will give the festival great support.

    “He’s been hosting our shindigs - including the Road To Marburg and Road To Poitiers gigs - for over 10 years now.

    “Tom is re-hosting again at the Garibaldi after the last time around was such a success.

    “And this year, after a few years away, we’ll be back at the Bradlaugh, hopefully creating an amazing intimate and unforgettable day in their beautiful garden.

    “All of these pubs show us incredible faith and support wholeheartedly what we do and what the festival is about.”

    Certain Twinfest gigs are free, some charge an entry fee.

    The money raised through ticket sales helps to pay for accommodation, food and drink for visiting musicians as well as helping to fund the cost of Northampton acts travelling to play festivals in Germany and France.

    Mr Precious said: “From the first event I helped with, I knew it was going to be part of my life for ever. This festival isn’t solely about music, that’s how it starts.

    “It’s about love and friendship. We still have German and French connections that are part of the festival now, that were part of the first ones 25 years ago.

    “Friends for life across borders, brought together through music but staying together through continued friendships.

    “And that seems more important now than ever.

    “We’ve had so many brilliant Twinfest collaborations, Twinfest weddings, Twinfest babies, Twinfest love and Twinfest hope.

    “Please come out and support your festival and see some amazing talent that your town has to offer.”

    Tickets for gigs where there is an admission fee are available in advance via

    A discounted weekend ticket is also available for £10.

    The full schedule for Twinfest is:

    Thursday, July 28, The Black Prince, 7pm, £6


    Rathmann (Marburg)

    Nothing Works (Poitiers)


    Friday, July 29, The Garibaldi, 7pm, free

    Stereo Ghosts


    Rathmann (Marburg)

    Rolling Thunder

    Friday, July 29, The Lamplighter, 7pm, free

    Flimboy (Marburg)

    The Snakeman 3

    Nothing Works (Poitiers)


    Saturday, July 30, The Charles Bradlaugh, 12pm, £6

    Tu-Kay and Ryan

    Russ Heyworth

    Paul Cox

    Celine Ellis

    Tom Rose

    Fossil Heads


    Rathmann (Marburg)

    Wishing Wolf

    Nothing Works (Poitiers)

    Leo Robinson

    Flimboy (Marburg)


    Sunday, July 31, The Black Prince, £6, 12pm


    Dancing Drums

    The Barratts

    Marabar Caves


    Luna Rosa

    Deaf Trap

    Rathmann (Marburg)

    Nothing Works (Poitiers)

    Phantom Isle