Review: We Will Rock You rocked me - but maybe a bit too much as Queen hits blast out at Northampton venue

Steve Mills reviews We Will Rock You at the Royal & Derngate, Northampton

By Peter Ormerod
Wednesday, 23rd March 2022, 3:53 pm
'I wanted to enjoy this show a lot more than I did' (photo: Johan Persson)
'I wanted to enjoy this show a lot more than I did' (photo: Johan Persson)

All you killer queens out there, don’t stop me now as it’s time for We Will Rock You to tour the country.

Set in a dystopian future where real music has been outlawed and manufactured pop dominates the airwaves, it’s up to a group entitled the Bohemians to travel across the Seven Seas of Rye and declare themselves the champions.

As I love Queen, I was genuinely looking forward to this show, if nothing else for all of the music and the songs which formed the backdrop of my teenage years.

A word for the performers first of all who got stronger and more confident throughout the show. Jenny O’Leary as Killer Queen stands out in particular with an awesome voice and a performance which is very nearly over the top but in the best possible way.

However while I was bopping along and enjoying the music (and trying my best not to sing a long as we had been warned about it beforehand) there were some issues with this show. The band were too loud at times, which a was great for the rebellious rock and roll atmosphere but meant you struggled to hear the performers at times. In another musical with well-known hits, this wouldn’t be a problem, but when you are changing the lyrics to tell the story, it makes it hard to follow.

The background graphics do look about 20 years out of date and if the script was given a contemporary makeover, you’d have thought a little more effort might have been put into that effect.

There was an enthusiastic crowd who were willing to give a standing ovation and I wanted to enjoy this show a lot more than I did in reality. But it’s a show which keeps the legacy and music of Queen alive and will help preserve them as an iconic band for generations to come.

*We Will Rock You runs at theRoyal and Derngate until Saturday March 26. Visit or call 01604 624811 to book.