Powerful and engaging music from David Ford in Northampton

David FordDavid Ford
David Ford
His songs combine Americana, English melodicism and a touch of rock '˜n' roll - and the acclaimed David Ford is on his way to Northampton to play at the Roadmender on June 1.

David's emotive stories of social commentary, politics and love in a world going to hell are known for their powerful and engaging nature, and hark back to an era of classic songwriting, evoking the likes of Tom Waits, Neil Young and Randy Newman.

Hailing from the south coast of England, Ford has been lauded by press and public alike throughout his decade-long solo career.

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His debut album, I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I’ve Caused, was included in both The Times and Word Magazine’s top ten albums of the year in 2005. His records have achieved number one slots on iTunes and in February 2014 he travelled to Paris to receive the French Grammy award for song of the year.

In a shift of direction that has come to typify his uniquely eclectic brand of creativity, Ford toured the UK in May 2015 with a show he called The One-Man Full-Band Show. This featured Ford playing an entire stage full of instruments linked together by a home-made array of loop machines and triggering devices that helped him produce a full-on rock show played by one person.