Corinna Jane talks about her video for The Train and reveals new EP details

The video to accompany The Train by Corinna Jane is out now.The video to accompany The Train by Corinna Jane is out now.
The video to accompany The Train by Corinna Jane is out now.

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The Northamptonshire singer songwriter recently released the video to The Train and is readying the release of another EP.

Corinna Jane has thanked everyone involved in the creation of the new video to her song The Train and revealed she will be releasing a new EP later this year.

The Train featured on her EP Songs For My Mother which was released in March.

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The accompanying video for the track was delayed due to the coronavirus, however, was finally released at the end of July.

Talking about the project, she said: “I had held this vision for The Train in my head for so many years that it always just felt like just another daydream of mine.

“I believe the universe must have gone out of its way to make this happen.

“I was collaborating with AJ Lamb of Dawn Sky films on this piece and we had a grand plan that was going involve sourcing some bigger budgets.

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“However, like most things in life, the minute I gave up on the idea of shooting some blockbuster style music video, the magic started to happen and things just fell into place.”

The concept of the film was made possible thanks to the help of the Northampton & Lamport Railway, with the Northamptonshire singer songwriter also appealing for extras for the two day shoot through the Northants Telegraph.

Corinna said: “I must have received over 60 messages from people enquiring about being an extra on board my train.

“If it wasn't for everyone's passion and excitement for this project, it wouldn't have been possible.

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“We even found that we had two professional dancers on board who helped choreograph a dance between me and the leading man on the day. There was definitely magic in the air.”

The track explores the themes of loneliness and anxiety which Corinna says can feel even more poignant when surrounded by many people, such as on a train.

“It’s a song that longs for connection and romance, if only to silence those insecurities and feel alive again,” she adds.

“The song came to me one sleepless night a few years ago and since has captured the hearts of various fans who have seen me perform across the country.”

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Songs For My Mother followed the EP Hard In Love and also features a power ballad co-written with songwriter Becky Jerams as well as a piano piece called Berlin Sous La Neige which showcases Corinna's classical compositions.

“My mother passed away suddenly after a short battle with cancer,” she explains.

“When you lose a parent, your whole sense of identity and belonging shifts.

“At first I believed that I wouldn’t feel like getting up or doing anything again, but instead I found that throwing myself into my creativity gave me a sense of purpose and future.”

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Talking about the reaction the video has received Corinna said: “I've been very touched by the comments.

“The song was always meant to convey that insecurity we all feel from time to time when we are feeling alone, even when we are surrounded by so many people.

“Yet both the song and the video paradoxically bring a sense of connection and belonging, as we all share these emotions as we navigate the journey through life.

“To see my audience get this and find their own meaning in it has been a career highlight.

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“I think during the pandemic, seeing a video like this takes on a greater meaning, as we can no longer be in such close proximity to one another.”

Corinna Jane will be following Songs For My Mother with the five track EP Queen Of Wands which is due out later this year.

She worked on the EP with producer Francesco Arpino, who invited her to work with him in Rome.

“I had been seeking the right producer for quite some time who understood the modern yet traditional pop-rock direction that I wanted to go in while still maintaining my quirkier ‘piano driven singer-songwriter’ sound that I had crafted,” she explains.

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Arpino contacted Corinna out of the blue while she was still grieving the death of her mother and the pair wrote two tracks together for the EP.

“Initially, it seemed like bad timing,” she explains. “But it actually was the best thing for me and a wish that had ironically come true at a time when I wasn’t seeking it - definitely serendipitous.”

The first single from the EP, Give Me A Sign, will be accompanied with another video and is due out around Halloween.

The Train is out now, to watch it visit more information, visit