Console Corner: Mortal Kombat X review

'GET OVER HERE!': MKX is the best yet'GET OVER HERE!': MKX is the best yet
'GET OVER HERE!': MKX is the best yet
Bigger, better and bloodier than ever, Mortal Kombat is back on our consoles and fans will not be disappointed.

WARNING: Videos may contain graphic content.

Fans of the legendary fighter got their hands on the 10th game in the series last week and take it from me, it is comfortably the best yet.

That is reflected in the sales too, with the MKX launch officially the biggest in the franchise’s history and second biggest launch so far in 2015 behind Battlefield Hardline.

Everything about MKX is polished, refined and improved.

It looks stunning and more importantly feels great to play.

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The story mode is an enjoyable, albeit somewhat corny, ride and gives gamers a nice stepping stone introduction to some of the new characters.

I would recommend starting off with this mode, even if you are an experienced MK player as it has a good difficuly increment. The Tower challenges will keep you busy and is the truly addictive MKX offering.

I have spent hours playing this great refreshed mode and is even great with friends to take it in turns on fights.

A new addition to the franchise is the Faction system which gives gamers a collective goal with friends and the rest of the MKX community.

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From my experience so far the online mode has been excellent, offering some fantastic moments.

The fighting itself is so slick and easy to get to grips with. But the most important new addition is character variations. There are three variations for each fighter which allows you to change their moveset.

For example, Scorpion has a choice of ‘Inferno’ which allows a demonic minion to be summoned; ‘Ninjutsu’ makes use of his dual swords; and ‘Hellfire’ lets you use fire attacks, such as a fireball. The variations offer up an immense amount of strategy to your fights in what is my favourite tweak to this institution of a game series.

Interacting with the stages looks cool and fits well and all the usual blood, guts, gore and bone crunching brutalities and fatalities are there in abundance as well, though most are not for the faint-hearted.

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DLC includes the legendary four-armed beast Goro, which is a bit cheeky as he should be in the game from the off, and the likes of Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees and the Predator are also on the way.

Mortal Kombat X is without doubt the best to date and is a next gen must-have game packed full with content and variety.

Rating: 9/10

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