Console Corner: Madden NFL 19 review

A thing of Madden-ing beauty.

The best looking Madden yet but this years iteration take the franchise on?
The best looking Madden yet but this years iteration take the franchise on?

Like clockwork another August means another iteration of the Madden NFL franchise but this is not just a re-packaging job sprinkled with some glitter. Far from it.

As a gamer of the 80s and 90s I grew up on Madden at a time when sports games were limited.

So even though I cannot pretend to be a big American Football fan Madden (and the TV show Ballers) are guilty pleasures of mine.

Madden NFL 19 cover

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    Madden NFL 19 has received a good reception from critics with high praise for the updated running and catching mechanics. And it is easy to see why.

    But to kick things off it must be said this is the best looking Madden - or any football game for that matter - yet.

    There are so many positives it is difficult to pack them into this limited review, but I’ll give it a go.

    MUT puts a plethora of activities and tasks at your fingertips to keep your interest levels peaked.

    The new one-cut ball-carrier moves are the crowning achievement and at the crux of all the positive reviews as they give you more control in crucial moments during play.

    Commentary is superb and adds to the ultra realism.

    There have been some changes to Franchise mode XP progression which might annoy hardcore Madden fans but that is one of very few negatives in this polished package.

    Like FIFA, Madden aims to be a true-to-life representation of the sport and Madden 19 gets closer to achieving that then ever before. The Frostbite engine and Longshot story mode are the bedrock of another brilliant offering and with the added focus on gameplay it’s a real winner.

    Player handling improvements and the possibilities that are now open to us thanks to Frostbite, mean that this is much less of a grind for the gamer. Things feel fresher for longer.

    Quite simply this is the best-looking, best sounding, best presented and best handling Madden yet.