Console Corner: Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 review

The latest Call Of Duty, Black Ops 3, has been one of the most hyped of the lot, but has it lived up to the billing?

Well Black Ops 3 is the first black ops of the series that I’ve played in truth so I don’t have a lot to compare it to.

However, as a huge fan of first person shooters and the Call Of Duty empire (I was still playing Advanced Warfare until a couple of weeks ago!) I have to say this is up there with the very best.

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The first major plus is super slick movement. The new wall running ability and the returning boost jumps, which were in Advanced Warfare but now feel somewhat more realistic or at least less ridiculous.

The graphics are very sharp and the multiplayer maps are well thought out.

Although I am yet to complete the campaign mode at the time of writing what I can say is that it is excellent.

I personally would recommend taking this on first because as long as you don’t opt for the easy skill level you will get a good learning curve taking you into your multiplayer matches., which can be disheartening if a newbie.

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As well as campaign there is a mode called freerun which puts you in a virtual reality style environment where you have you manoeuvre your way around a course in the best time possible. This is carried out on multiple maps.

And last but by no means least there is zombie mode. As the difficulty of zombie waves increases so does your heart rate which only adds to the experience.

With some truly awesome weapons to unlock and customisation items to gain from all modes your hardest choice when loading up Black Ops 3 will be which mode to play, which is a vast improvement on previous CODs which were all about the multiplayer.

Customisation is another huge plus with a plethora of gun paint jobs, emblems and your own sets of variants for each weapon.

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There are different outfits for each of your specialists and a choice of two abilities for each. The customisation is so good you may well just find yourself logging in to do a spot of painting or create a class for your multiplayer matches.

Treyarch have totally put the player at the heart of CODBO3 and I can only see this becoming an even bigger success than its predecessor was on the competitive gaming scene.

The only complaint I have is... I’m not going to get enough time to play it as much as I want to.

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