Boyd discusses South Africa star Reinach's Saints future

Saints boss Chris Boyd has given a typically candid take on Cobus Reinach's future.

Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 7:00 am
Cobus Reinach is out of contract at Saints next summer

The World Cup-winning South Africa scrum-half has been heavily linked with a move to Montpellier.

Some reports even suggested that the French giants would be keen to buy him out of the final year of his contract, with Reinach's current deal set to run out in the summer of 2020.

Montpellier did that when they purchased Louis Picamoles from Saints in 2017.

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Picamoles, as Reinach is now, was Saints' reigning players' and supporters' player of the year at the time.

But Boyd hasn't heard that a similar situation will be unfolding this time round.

"All of the boys that are going to be out of contract, I will have discussions with those boys about what they want to do in the next two or three years," Boyd said.

"If what they want to do in the next two or three years is something other than Saints then I've got a really clear idea.

"If they want to stay with Saints then we need to talk about what that looks like.

"Once we agree we want them to stay and they want to stay, Paul Shields, who does our contracting, finishes that deal off with (chief executive) Mark (Darbon).

"You've got to take the short and the long-term view on things.

"Cobus is coming nearly to the end of his career, he's looking for a big, long contract to finish his career and we've got some young English guys here who are not bad footballers coming through.

"So I've got to sit there and think about what Cobus can offer over the short and long-term versus what other people can offer over the short and long-term.

"He has a value and his value is obviously high.

"We have to make a decision whether that fits the salary cap or not, and it absolutely comes back to choice.

"We have to make a decision whether the money to spend on Cobus is the right money to spend on the squad or the wrong money to spend on the squad.

"All of those discussions are pretty open.

"I just find that being open and honest is the easiest way to deal with it.

"Where there's smoke there's fire, but I don't think at this stage any deal has been done.

"We certainly haven't re-signed Cobus. I'm still talking to him about what the future might look like.

"I've got a bit of an idea what it might look like but I'm not sure."