Midfielder McCormack explains why he's so vocal on the pitch

Alan McCormack has picked up six bookings this seasonAlan McCormack has picked up six bookings this season
Alan McCormack has picked up six bookings this season
Alan McCormack has no plans to stop getting in the face of referees despite being booked for dissent against Notts County last weekend.

The vocal midfielder had been warned by referee Paul Marsden just moments before venting his frustration over another contentious decision made by the official, leading to his yellow card.

McCormack's only started eight games this season but has been booked five times, four in the league. The cut-off point for a ban after five yellows came following the win over Grimsby so the 35-year-old must now avoid picking up six more league bookings before the 37-game mark or face a two-match suspension.

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Referees are not the only people who feel McCormack's wrath on the pitch though, with team-mates, as well as opposition players, often getting an earful.

Asked about his vocal presence, McCormack said: "I've always been that way and I've always been quite vocal on the pitch, whether it's positive or sometimes a little bit negative.

"I go after the referee a bit and I just try to make sure he doesn't make any poor decisions and that there's two teams in the game.

"Maybe sometimes I go over the top but I don't like being quiet on the pitch and I don't like other people being quiet around me so I just try to keep everyone talking and keep on at other people.

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"The referee gets a better angle and can make a better decision on incidents whereas we only see that split-second when we're challenging for the ball.

"There's three of them so generally they are right and generally they do make the right decision but you see it up and down the country in football, every player will say it's not a free-kick or it is a free-kick.

"They'll keep on at the referee and I don't think we're any different here."