Football fans may not be allowed into games until 2021 according to leaked WhatsApp recording

EFL will need 66,000 tests to complete season
Alex Rodman up against the Cobblers.Alex Rodman up against the Cobblers.
Alex Rodman up against the Cobblers.

Fears have been raised that football fans will not be able to attend English Football League games until at least January 2021 following a leaked WhatsApp recording.

The message was reportedly sent by Bristol Rovers representative Alex Rodman to his team-mates after a call with the EFL, PFA and other clubs.

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At the most recent meeting this week, it was revealed that the EFL would require 66,000 coronavirus tests to complete the 2019/20 season, prompting fears they will not be able to play all the remaining fixtures.

“The chief executive of the EFL said it would be very optimistic to even be playing games in June, so he doesn’t really think we’ll be playing games then," said the recording. “Gary Neville and one of the other club owners doesn’t even think we’ll be playing anywhere near then.

"We won't be playing any games with any fans this year, they [the EFL] don't think so. We'll be looking at January 2021 for fans unless a cure pops up.

“They’d need 66,000 tests for us to finish the season. Given the NHS are struggling for tests and general people are struggling up to now for tests, from a PR point of view I don’t think any of the football bosses could sell footballers needing to finish a season with that many tests. Unless that changes drastically, they’re talking about us not getting the season finished."

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Rodman's message also mentioned a situation where, should the season not be finished, league positions would be decided on 'sporting merit' and that three teams would be promoted from each division with no relegations, making for a 23-team Premier League next year.