Curle explains how he's changed as a manager and how it helped Cobblers return to form

Keith Curle believes he has 'learned a lot' about himself as a manager in recent years and subsequently he now has a better approach to dealing with poor performances, as evidenced by Cobblers' return to form this week.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 6:45 pm
Keith Curle

Curle admits he would have 'lost a few friends' in years gone by when he may have reacted differently in the aftermath of a disappointing defeat, such as Town's recent 3-0 loss at Scunthorpe United.

He remains honest with his players and will not sugarcoat a bad performance but he now has a more restrained approach, and he believes that's helped the Cobblers go from back-to-back defeats to consecutive wins.

"The best thing is that we've had discussions and I've learned a lot about myself and a lot about my role as a manager and the relationship I've got with my players," said Curle after Tuesday's win at Carlisle.

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"I think six or seven years ago, when I was in management, after the defeat at Scunthorpe I'd have lost a few friends in the changing room because of how I would have conducted myself.

"But I managed to temper it and still deliver the honest messages that needed to be delivered and left me with an open door to be able to go into the changing room on the Monday.

"Players were nervous because they didn't perform and some of the players I've worked with before would have seen what I can be like after a disappointing performance.

"But the door was still open and we've had some fantastic, honest meetings whereby they knew I was going to tell them exactly what I thought and they accepted it.

"They came back with bits and pieces themselves and their disappointment because they don't want to lose either so it was very pleasing."