Cobblers 'monitoring' pitch conditions amid freezing weather ahead of Wigan clash

The covers remain on at the PTS.The covers remain on at the PTS.
The covers remain on at the PTS.
Club not 'anticipating' any problems at present

Cobblers will continue to monitor pitch conditions at the PTS Academy Stadiums amid the freezing weather ahead of tonight's game against Wigan Athletic.

The pitch covers have been down at the stadium and as of Tuesday morning the pitch is said to be fine.

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There was a light dusting of snow overnight but nothing of too much concern, although the temperature is forecast to drop down to -3 this evening.

"We will continue to monitor the pitch condition and the covers will remain in place but we don't currently anticipate any problems," said the club in a short statement.

Tonight's game is due to kick-off at 7pm.