Chairman Thomas admits there could be a redevelopment '˜masterplan' at Sixfields after 5USport investment

Cobblers chairman Kelvin Thomas says the investment in the club from Chinese company 5USport has opened the possibility to a '˜masterplan' when it comes to Sixfields and its redevelopment.

Tuesday, 27th June 2017, 7:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:38 am
Cobblers chairman Kelvin Thomas (left) and 5USport's Tom Auyeung (Pictures Kirsty Edmonds)

The unfinished east stand is where the obvious attention has to be focused, but Thomas feels the extra finance brought in by the partnership with 5USport means there is the possibility of looking at work on the stadium and surrounding land in its ‘totality’.

Thomas is not making any sort of promise or pledge and accepts sorting out the east stand is still ‘a priority’, but he accepts it could be that with the investment the club has received, and the extra spending power they have, it could lead to something more.

“The east stand doesn’t change in terms of the priority level,” said Thomas, speaking after it was announced 5USport had purchased a 60 per cent stake of Northampton Town Ventures Limited’s shareholding at the Cobblers.

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“It’s always been a priority of ours and we are still working on making sure that happens.

“5USport coming in doesn’t necessarily change that, but it gives us a chance to look at a the situation, with all of the land around and the whole stadium.

“So it does maybe open up a couiple of different channels.

“One of the things we have talked about is doing it as a masterplan, rather than just the east stand.

“We are looking at what we could do in totality, and where that goes.

“It may not change, we still have to make decisions on that, and we are not going to say we are going to develop this, that and the other straight away.

“That is not our style, it’s not our way, and we will do things sensibly, but it does open up more conversation.”

And he added: “This is going to allow us a little bit more movement in the playing department, and possibly maybe develop some areas we might not have developed in terms of development around the ground.”