Cambridge boss eager to avoid repeat of Sixfields mistake in FA Cup replay against Cobblers

'We want it to be us that’s the winning team and we want to do it in 90 minutes.'

By James Heneghan
Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 12:04 pm
Mark Bonner.
Mark Bonner.

Cambridge United head coach Mark Bonner is eager to avoid a repeat of last week's first game at Sixfields when his side host the Cobblers in tonight's FA Cup replay.

Whilst most enjoyed the open and entertaining nature of last Saturday's 2-2 draw, Bonner felt the game became too stretched and bemoaned the lack of quality on display.

Cambridge and Northampton face off again at the Abbey Stadium tonight with the winner set to host Bradford or Exeter in round two.

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“I think we’re both determined to get into the next round of the cup, so it’ll be an interesting game,” said Bonner.

“Cup football can throw up different types of games sometimes and we’ve got to find a good level because we want to be in the next round.

“It’s a little bit about dealing with the frantic bit and bringing control when it is frantic, but more about trying to stop the game being open.

“I think the way that game went was two teams trying to win it, and the game became very open. It was quite an interesting spectacle for those watching it, but not so much when you’re on the side of it, and you want it to be a bit more controlled.

“I think both coaches would say they’d rather have a bit more control of the game and feel a little bit more in it.

“That game could’ve gone any way. There’s an element of that, but there is an element of it being cup football.

“Draws are no good, you’ve got to try and win the game and get through. We want it to be us that’s the winning team and we want to do it in 90 minutes.

“We were a threat on the day from set-pieces, so we need to make sure we are as good again. Northampton however are a good side themselves from set plays, so we know there will be elements of that in the game."