Brady explains how Cobblers can bounce back after relegation

'That's why you try and find four, five, six, seven players and really develop them.'

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 3:01 pm
Jon Brady.

Cobblers interim boss Jon Brady believes things must change at the club if they are to avoid a repeat of this season.

After losing the core of last season's promotion-winning squad, Cobblers have dropped straight back into League Two.

Brady could be a contender to take permanent charge but, whatever happens, he says Town must do things differently to become more sustainable at League One level.

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"I don't know what the budget will be next season but first and foremost what we've got to do is build and get stronger and then if there's an opportunity over the next two or three years, build a strong squad and hold onto that strong squad and go into League One with a fighting chance," said Brady.

"It (selling players) doesn't have to be a bad thing because it's a business as well and you have to balance the books as a football club and we all understand that.

"But that's why you try and find four, five, six, seven players and really develop them. That's the way forward for this football club. We can do that if we find the best players, but you have to get a return from your investment."

The team that relegated the Cobblers - Blackpool - are a good example of the strength of the division.

"That's the difference," Brady added. "You look at Jerry Yates or Ellis Simms up front for Blackpool and they're on a different level. They're at least at this standard, if not higher.

"Have we got that at the moment? No, we haven't.

"OK, you might not find a Simms or a Yates, but you've got to do everything you can to find the best of what you can and make it good."

Although hurting from the relegation, Brady is determined to finish the season on a high when Cobblers head to Sunderland this weekend.

"It's very kind if people want me to stay on but it has been very personal for me because I know everyone and it means so much more," he continued.

"We threw everything at it and we couldn't give anything more. It'll take a little bit of time to get over this but in football you have to pick yourself up and now for us it's about going to Sunderland and showing that fight and putting a platform down ahead of next season."