NCL RESULTS SPECIAL: Who beat yet more wet weather to hit the runs and claim the wickets?

For the third week running the weather proved to be a stumbling block as many matches in the Northants Cricket League were ruined by the rain.
The NCL programme was again hit by wet weatherThe NCL programme was again hit by wet weather
The NCL programme was again hit by wet weather

But there were still plenty of matches that were completed, and there were some great performances as well.

Here, we publish every result from every section, and highlight the pick of the batting and bowling performances.

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We also list all the fixtures for this coming Saturday - keep those fingers crossed for some sunshine at long last!!

Results - Saturday, May 22

Premier Division

Brigstock v Desborough - match cancelled

Brixworth v Horton House - match cancelled

Oundle 232 all out (Mark Hodgson 77, Connor Craig 43, Cameron Blake 4-18) drew with Overstone Park 105-8

Peterborough v Finedon Dolben - match cancelled

Rushden & Higham 123 all out (William Bates 38, Rob White 5-32) lost to Old Northamptonians 124-3 (Rob White 37, William Heathfield 32no) by seven wickets

Division One

Finedon Dolben IIs 44-3 v Long Buckby - match abandoned

Haddon 18-0 v Loddington & Mawsley 137-8 (Josh Plowright 44, Calum Plowright 36no, Sean O’Neill-Kerr 7-24) - match abandoned

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Kislingbury Temperance 233-4 dec (Omarie Allen 81, Robert Collins 69) beat Irthlingborough 77 all out (Jack Parish 6-10) by 156 runs

Old Northamptonians IIs 67-4 drew with Wollaston 104 all out (Mark Ralph 42, Steven Rowley 3-16)

Stony Stratford 150-7 (Arvind Ramesh 60) beat Burton Latimer 90 all out (Aidan Cunningham 30, Irfan Marofkhail 4-33) by 60 runs

Weekley & Warkton 207-6 (Liam Piddington 83, Jacob Palmer 58, Qaseem Dawlatzi 4-59) drew with Wellingborough Town 120-8

Division Two

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Heyford 131-6 (James Edwards 44, Sam Jarvis 3-12) v Peterborough IIs - match abandoned

Isham & WI 268-7 (Bhavin Patel 72, Tim Robinson 60, Dominic Barritt 51, Hitesh Gorania 4-83) drew with Great Houghton 165-5 (Luke McAfee 57no)

Kettering 182-8 (Guven Kooner 68) beat St Crispin & Ryelands 148 all out (Martin Quenby 48, Alex Churchill-Coleman 4-42) by 34 runs

Rothwell 87 all out lost to Earls Barton 106 all out (Tom Mills 66, Andy White 5-22) by 19 runs

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Thrapston 82 all out (David James Hornby 3-13, Ben Elston 3-19, James Burrows 3-33) beat Old 53 all out (Ryan Gavin 5-24, Chris Stoker 5-27) by 29 runs

Weldon v Wellingborough OGs - match cancelled

Division Three

Irchester 113 all out lost to Podington 146 all out (Ian Hart 43no, George Green 4-18) by 24 runs

Isham & WI IIs 117-8 (Hal Robinson 62) v Bowden - match abandoned

Northampton Saints v Rushden & Higham IIs - match cancelled

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Old Northamptonians IIIs 117-7 v Brixworth IIs - match abandoned

Overstone Park IIs 207-3 (Benjamin Sales 86no, Matthew Sunter 86) beat Oundle IIs 200-3 (Nehan Patel 73no, Jonathan Dalley 66) by seven runs

Wollaston IIs 42-3 v Geddington IIs 151-9 (Chris Harrison 44, Mark Gibbs 4-40) - match abandoned

Division Four

Carrib United 153-9 (Kenny Heath 35, Michael Penny 35, Stephen Richardson 5-44) beat Stony Stratford IIs 68 all out (Adam West 4-17) by 85 runs

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Finedon Dolben IIIs 175-6 (Cameron Arnold 67) beat S&L Corby 91 all out (Ryan Alderson 50, Jake Evans 6-16) by 84 runs

Horton House IIs 172-9 (Amitesh Nagarkar 92, Martin Wall 4-30) lost to Bold Dragoon 176-4 (Martin Wall 62no) by six wickets

Spencer Bruerne v Harlestone - match cancelled

St Crispin & Ryelands IIs v Great Oakley - match cancelled

Wellingborough Town IIs 146 all out (Owen West 68) beat Raunds 121 all out by 25 runs

Division Five

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Burton Latimer IIs 186-5 (Alan Sewell 77) lost to Bedford 187-6 (Ramkumar Jayaraman 62, Thomaws Kelk 49, Shiv Odera 47no) by four wickets

Cogenhoe 160-4 (Henry Swallow 70no, Julian Barford 55) beat Bugbrooke 179-6 (Kenneth Dobbins 46) by six wickets (revised target of 158 from 45 overs)

Irthlingborough IIs v Rushton 79-5 - match abandoned

Loddington & Mawsley IIs 193-4 (Martin Prowse 67, James Coles 59no) beat Kempston Hammers 169 all out (Shaun Copperwheat 56no) by 24 runs

MK Air v Weekley & Warkton IIs - match cancelled

Yelvertoft v Kettering IIs - match cancelled

Division Six

Desborough IIs v Mears Ashby - match cancelled

Earls Barton IIs 136-8 (Bryn Swain 76no, Alfie Frayne 4-32) lost to Rothwell IIs 93-1 (Paul Budworth 53no) by nine wickets (revised target 90 from 25 overs)

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Podington IIs 113 all out (Charlie Saxby 75) lost to Sun Hardingstone 80-1 (Lee Bennett 42no) by nine wickets (Revised target)

S&L Corby IIs 91 all out (Thomas Litchfield 3-15, Jack Walton 3-22) lost to Northampton Saints IIs 172-5 (Charlie Darbyshire 63, Dimuthu Fernando 4-40) by 81 runs

Stony Stratford IIIs v Willoughby - match cancelled

Division Seven

Bowden IIs v Dunchurch & Bilton - match cancelled

Old IIs 145-7 (David Middleditch 49, Dharmesh Patel 4-13) beat Isham & WI IIIs 144-9 (Vikesh Patel 53, Greg Wilson 4-14) by three wickets

Old Northamptonians IVs 73 all out (Raphe Young 4-12) v Heyford IIs 42-5 (Gary Ray 4-11) - match abandoned

Overstone Park IIIs v Barton Seagrave - match cancelled

Wellingborough OGs IIs v Gretton - match cancelled

Division Eight

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Geddington IIIs 91 all out (Brando Biddle 43no, Nate Button 4-7) lost to Haddon IIs 107-7 by 16 runs

Great Houghton IIs 37-2 beat Bugbrooke IIs 36 all out by eight wickets

Long Buckby IIs 47-6 (Devan Sisodiya 27no) beat Horton House IIIs 46 all out (Joe Oliver 4-16) by four wickets

Raunds IIs 140-6 (Daniel Piggott 51) beat Weldon IIs 138 all out (John Mathis 52no, Paul Guest 5-24, Glenn Woolley 4-54) by four wickets

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St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs v Brigstock IIs - match cancelled

Division Nine

Abington Phoenix 154-9 beat Irchester IIs 84 all out by 70 runs

Braunston Paddox v Finedon Dolben IVs - match cancelled

Sun Hardingstone IIs 71 all out (James Hall 41, Harrison Coe 4-9) lost to Kettering IIIs 77-5 (Jasim Navas 34no, Kevin Richardson 4-18) by five wickets

Wollaston IIIs v MK Air IIs - match cancelled

Division 10

Burton Latimer IIIs 221-5 (Tyler Jolley 78, Bailey Villette-Lawman 54no) beat Oundle IIIs 85 all out by 136 runs

Grange Park v Cogenhoe IIs - match cancelled

Harlestone IIs v Obelisk IIs - match cancelled

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Rushden & Higham IIIs 129-9 (Grant Timms 51, Joe Carter 5-18) lost to Wellingborough Town IIIs 133-5 (Imran Yousaf 61no) by five wickets

St Michaels v Brixworth IIIs - match cancelled

Division 11

Bold Dragoon IIs v Thrapston IIIs - match cancelled

Kettering IVs 49-0 beat Geddington IVs 48 all out (Conor Barton 4-9) by 10 wickets

Mears Ashby IIs 73-3 (Mike Thompson 38no) beat Barby IIIs 72 all out (Raj Sivalingam 30, Stephen Oswald 4-15) by seven wickets

Old IIIs 65 all out lost to Spencer Bruerne IIs 125-8 (Alec Morgan 36, Robert Anderson 34) by 60 runs

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Weekley & Warkton IIIs v Stony Stratford IVs - match cancelled

Division 12

Barton Seagrave IIs 89 all out lost to Carrib United IIs 90-5 (Wendel Pemberton 34) by five wickets

Bugbrooke IIIs 41 all out (Katie Heathfield 4-4) lost to Old Northamptonians Vs 110-8 (Andrew Deeming 36) by 69 runs

Great Oakley IIs beat Irthlingborough IIIs by 10 wickets

Northampton Saints IIIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IVs - match cancelled

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Willoughby IIs 157-4 v Wellingborough OGs IIIs 7-2 - match abandoned

Division 13

Brixworth IVs 72 all out (Thomas Elmore 38, Eddie Button 4-4) lost to Haddon IIIs 76-4 (Matthew Johnson 32no) by six wickets

Dunchurch & Bilton IIs v Braunston Paddox IIs - match cancelled

Horton House IVs v Stony Stratford Vs - match cancelled

Pytchley 183-3 (Stephen Bounds 71) beat Weldon IIIs 83 all out (Lee Bratley 34, Dave Halcrow 3-15, Kishor Patel 3-16) by 100 runs

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Thrapston IVs 93-4 (Harvey Walker 55no) beat S&L Corby IIIs 102-8 by six wickets (Revised target 93 from 27 overs)

Division 14

Haddon IVs 97 all out (Martin Gough 29no, Krish Bhatt 4-6, Ben Griffiths 4-14) beat Overstone Park IVs 32 all out (Clive Turner 5-14, Tom Munnelly 3-1) by 65 runs

Heyford IIIs v Kettering Vs - match cancelled

Rushton IIs v Burton Latimer IVs - match cancelled

Fixtures - Saturday, May 29

Premier Division: Desborough v Geddington, Finedon Dolben v Overstone Park, Horton House v Rushden & Higham, Old Northamptonians v Brigstock, Oundle v Brixworth.

Division One: Burton Latimer v Wellingborough Town, Irthlingborough v Old Northamptonians IIs, Loddington & Mawsley v Kislingbury, Long Buckby v Haddon, Weekley & Warkton v Finedon Dolben IIs, Wollaston v Stony Stratford.

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Division Two: Earls Barton v Wellingborough OGs, Great Houghton v Kettering, Old v Isham & WI, Peterborough IIs v Thrapston, St Crispin & Ryelands v Rothwell, Weldon v Heyford.

Division Three: Bowden v Northampton Saints, Brixworth IIs v Oundle IIs, Geddington IIs v Isham & WI IIs, Overstone Park IIs v Irchester, Podington v Wollaston IIs, Rushden & Higham IIs v Old Northamptonians IIIs.

Division Four: Bold Dragoon v Raunds, Great Oakley v Spencer Bruerne, Harlestone v Finedon Dolben IIIs, S&L Corby v Horton House IIs, Stony Stratford IIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IIs, Wellingborough Town IIs v Carrib United.

Division Five: Bedford v Yelvertoft, Bugbrooke v Weekley & Warkton IIs, Kempston Hammers v Cogenhoe, Kettering IIs v Irthlingborough IIs, MK Air v Burton Latimer IIs, Rushton v Loddington & Mawsley IIs.

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Division Six: Northampton Saints IIs v Desborough IIs, Rothwell IIs v S&L Corby IIs, Stony Stratford IIIs v Earls Barton IIs, Sun Hardingstone v Willoughby, Thrapston IIs v Podington IIs.

Division Seven: Barton Seagrave v Bowden IIs, Dunchurch & Bilton v Old IIs, Heyford IIs v Gretton, Isham & WI IIIs v Old Northamptonians IVs, Wellingborough OGs IIs v Overstone Park IIIs.

Division Eight: Brigstock IIs v Long Buckby IIs, Bugbrooke IIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs, Haddon IIs v Great Houghton IIs, Horton House IIIs v Weldon IIs, Raunds IIs v Geddington IIIs.

Division Nine: Irchester IIs v MK Air IIs, Kettering IIIs v Braunston Paddox, Kislingbury IIs v Abington Phoenix, Wollaston IIIs v Sun Hardingstone IIs.

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Division 10: Brixworth IIIs v Wellingborough Town IIIs, Cogenhoe IIs v Harlestone IIs, Obelisk IIs v Burton Latimer IIIs, Oundle IIIs v St Michaels, Rushden & Higham IIIs v Grange Park.

Division 11: Barby IIIs v Old IIIs, Geddington IVs v Stony Stratford IVs, Spencer Bruerne IIs v Kettering IVs, Thrapston IIIs v Mears Ashby IIs, Weekley & Warkton IIIs v Bold Dragoon IIs.

Division 12: Carrib United IIs v Wellingborough OGs IIIs, Irthlingborough IIIs v Barton Seagrave IIs, Old Northamptonians Vs v Northampton Saints IIIs, St Crispin & Ryelands IVs v Great Oakley IIs, Willoughby IIs v Bugbrooke IIIs.

Division 13: Braunston Paddox IIs v Thrapston IVs, Haddon IIIs v Horton House IVs, Pytchley v Brixworth IVs, S&L Corby IIIs v Weldon IIIs, Stony Stratford Vs v Dunchurch & Bilton IIs.

Division 14: Abington Phoenix IIs v Rushton IIs, Heyford IIIs v Barton Seagrave IIIs, Isham & WI IVs v Haddon IVs, Overstone Park IVs v Kettering Vs.

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