NCL RESULTS SPECIAL: Who beat the rain to hit the runs and claim the wickets?

The weather once again had a big impact on the Northants Cricket League programme last weekend, but there were still plenty of matches that went the distance.

By Jeremy Casey
Friday, 21st May 2021, 10:16 am
Steve Musgrave hit 80 in Wollaston's big win  over Bowden
Steve Musgrave hit 80 in Wollaston's big win over Bowden

It was far from cricketing weather as regular rainfall did see plenty of fixtures cancelled, but there were still some great performances to light up the gloom.

Here, we publish every result from every section, and highlight the pick of the batting and bowling performances.

We also list all the fixtures for this coming Saturday.

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Saturday, May 15

Premier Division

Desborough 276-6 (Zaakir Khawaja 110no, Rohin Thapar 58, Wayne Steed 57) drew with Rushden & Higham 140-7

Finedon Dolben 165-7 (Greig Hofbauer 55no, James Gaul 4-44) beat Geddington 89 all out (Drew Brierley 6-18) by 76 runs

Horton House 144-7 (James Redding 40no) v Oundle Town 56-2 (Christian Thurton 46no) - match abandoned

Old Northamptonians 104-4 beat Brixworth 101 all out (Harry Gouldstone 47, Amrit Basra 5-17) by six wickets

Overstone Park v Peterborough Town - match abandoned

Division One

Burton Latimer 130 all out lost to Old Northamptonians IIs 132 all out (Harry Vesty 38, Damon Hanney 4-40) by two runs

Irthlingborough 148 all out (Alex McDonald 99no) lost to Haddon 152-4 (Jack Dudleston 41no) by six wickets

Loddington & Mawsley 49 all out (William Webb 5-14) lost to Finedon Dolben IIs 116 all out (Liam Flecknor 5-31) by 67 runs

Long Buckby 131 all out (Dave Walklate 5-20) beat Weekley & Warkton 121 all out (Liam Piddington 45no) by 10 runs

Wellingborough Town 99 all out (James Howes 30) beat Stony Stratford 83 all out (Qaseem Dawlatzi 5-19) by 16 runs

Wollaston 179-8 (Mark Ralph 50, Henry Wilkins 4-61) drew with Kislingbury Temperance 173-8 (Ben Swingler 34no)

Division Two

Earls Barton v Kettering Town - match cancelled

Great Houghton 137 all out (Luke McAfee 59, Chris Stoker 4-38) lost to Thrapston 138-8 (William Cade 42) by two wickets

Old 200-8 (Declan Ryan 68, Rob Pardon 4-46) drew with Heyford 154-4 (Ross Cambray 44)

Peterborough IIs 172-9 (Sam Jarvis 47, Daniel Oldham 41no, Dan Wells 4-39) drew with Weldon 57-6 (Zoheb 4-39)

St Crispin & Ryelands 61-7 drew with Isham & WI 176 all out (Anand Panchal 43, Martin Quenby 4-6, Mike Roberts 4-66)

Wellingborough OGs v Rothwell Town - match cancelled

Division Three

Bowden 69 all out (Mark Gibbs 5-16, Jacob Cotter 4-9) lost to Wollaston IIs 223-7 (Steve Musgrave 80, Andrew Kowal 68) by 154 runs

Brixworth IIs v Northampton Saints - match cancelled

Geddington IIs 217-6 (Chris Harrison 70, Steve Toseland 63) beat Irchester 214-5 (Harry Green 80) by four wickets

Oundle IIs 262-4 (George Martin 116no, Guy Bolsover 56no, Sameer Shaha 55) beat Old Northamptonians IIIs 184 all out (Cameron Hills 4-30) by 78 runs

Podington 146 all out (Liam Souster 45) lost to Overstone Park IIs 147-9 (Thomas Pope 34) by one run

Rushden & Higham IIs 164-9 (James Rawlins 47, James Walker 44) lost to Isham & WI IIs 165-8 (Hal Robinson 32) by two wickets

Division Four

Bold Dragoon 140 all out (Tom Drake 40, Frank Roberts 7-27) lost to Finedon Dolben IIIs 141-7 (Daniel O’Dell 4-39) by three wickets

Great Oakley 123 all out (Chris York 35, Germaine Ebanks 4-15) beat Carrib United 103 all out (Germane Ebansk 38, Lee Bell 4-17) by 20 runs

Harlestone 128-9 (Jaskirat Singh Saini 35) lost to St Crispin & Ryelands IIs 132-8 (Noorulla Alozi 46) by two wickets

Raunds 152 all out (Ollie Bates 62no, Joshua Andic 49, Thomas Knibbs 4-20, Elijah Glover 4-40) lost to Horton House IIs 162 all out (Thomas Knibbs 76no, Lee Morgan 4-49) by 10 runs

S&L Corby 137 all out (Robert Tootell 4-48) lost to Spencer Bruerne 138-5 (Joe Collins 49, Luke Adams 48no) by five wickets

Stony Stratford IIs 65-2 v Wellingborough Town IIs 129-4 (Richard Curtis 59) - match abandoned

Division Five

Bedford Town v MK Air - match cancelled

Bugbrooke v Loddington & Mawsley IIs - match cancelled

Kempston Hammers v Irthlingborough IIs - match cancelled

Kettering IIs 179-9 lost to Burton Latimer IIs 180-5 (Alan Sewell 97no) by five wickets

Rushton 154-7 (Adam Loake 45) beat Yelvertoft 103 all out (Martin Lewis 47, Aaropn Lingley 5-25) by 51 runs

Weekley & Warkton IIs 175-7 (Connor Hill 84no) beat Cogenhoe 173 all out by three wickets

Division Six

Mears Ashby 223-8 (Jon Burdett 55, Greg Reis 53, Graeme Robinson 4-53) beat S&L Corby IIs 154 all out by 69 runs

Northampton Saints IIs v Earls Barton IIs - match cancelled

Rothwell Town IIs 42 all out (Steve Bellew 6-28) lost to Stony Stratford IIIs 42-1 by nine wickets

Thrapston IIs 159-8 (Andy Stoker 57no) beat Desborough IIs 156 all out (Matt Gibbs 42, Oliver Bennett 4-25, Harry Thomas 4-33) by two wickets

Willoughby 81-2 (Martyn Norman 31no) beat Podington IIs 80 all out (Callum Hanks 5-25) by eight wickets

Division Seven

Barton Seagrave 166 all out (Matt Earl 80, Ved Bankley 4-23) lost to Wellingborough OGs IIs 185-7 (Connor White 54, Aidan Clarke 37no, Dean Gardner 4-30) by 19 runs

Dunchurch & Bilton 97-4 lost to Overstone Park IIIs 244-7 (Tarun Rehaja 127no, Jacob Summers 40) by 147 runs

Gretton 83 all out (Scott Oldham 5-17) lost to Old Northamptonians IVs 210-4 (Lathusan Muraleetharan 79) by 127 runs

Heyford IIs v Old IIs - cancelled

Isham & WI IIIs 187-8 (Dipesh Surti 53) beat Bowden IIs 167 all out (Rhys Hoenes 69, Anthony Roberts) by 20 runs

Division Eight

Brigstock IIs 150 all out (Ian Sharp 57, Harry Howell 45, Dan Foster 4-0, Mo Chowdhary 4-35) lost to Great Houghton IIs 184 all out (John O’Grady 4-23) by 34 runs

Bugbrooke IIs v Geddington IIIs - match cancelled

Haddon IIs v Raunds IIs - match cancelled

Horton House IIIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs - match cancelled

Weldon IIs 105 all out lost to Long Buckby IIs 108-3 (Andrew Oliver 37no) by seven wickets

Division Nine

Finedon Dolben IVs 122-9 (Kieran Arnold 37) beat Sun Hardingstone IIs 76 all out (Daniel Miller 4-16) by 46 runs

Kettering IIIs 132-4 (Jeremy Lines 66no) beat Wollaston IIIs 131-9 (Darren Laughton 39, Harrison Coe 4-22) by six wickets

Kislingbury IIs 149 all out beat Braunston Paddox 63 all out (Dale Ansell 7-13) by 53 runs

MK Air IIs v Abington Phoenix - match cancelled

Division 10

Brixworth IIIs v Burton Latimer IIIs - match cancelled

Cogenhoe IIs 198-6 (Matthew Irons 54no, Alex Bushell 45) beat Rushden & Higham IIIs 132-9 (Anthony Jupp 41) by 66 runs

Oundle IIIs 87 all out (Steve Piper 4-16) lost to Harlestone IIs 169 all out (Brian Pooley 70no, Joe Hill 4-28, Brandon Ingle 4-30) by 82 runs

Obelisk IIs v Grange Park - match cancelled

Wellingborough Town IIIs 36 all out (Geoff Lambert 5-17, Tom Marlow 5-19) lost to St Michaels 83 all out (Ainullah Khan 4-20) by 46 runs

Division 11

Barby IIIs 241-5 (Oliver Hawkins 82, Rajesh Jayakumar 57) lost to Bold Dragoon IIs 244-5 (Ollie Holliday 82, Aman Singh 58no, Mark Holliday 44) by three runs

Geddington IVs v Old IIIs - match cancelled

Spencer Bruerne IIs v Mears Ashby IIs - match cancelled

Stony Stratford IVs 132-9 (Daniel Chapman 67) lost to Kettering IVs 133-2 (Christopher Barton 47, Clive Wears 40no) by eight wickets

Thrapston IIIs 77-7 (Mike Coyne 30no, Karl Peasnall 4-15) beat Weekley & Warkton IIIs 76 all out (Chris Burdett 4-9) by three wickets

Division 12

Carrib United IIs v Great Oakley IIs - match cancelled

Irthlingborough IIIs v Northampton Saints IIIs - match cancelled

Old Northamptonians Vs 79 all out lost to Willoughby IIs 144-9 (Matt Cartridge 50) by 65 runs

St Crispin & Ryelands IVs 106-3 (David Hylands 38) beat Bugbrooke IIIs 102 all out (Brian Escudier 32) by seven wickets

Wellingborough OGs IIIs v Barton Seagrave IIs - match cancelled

Division 13

Braunston Paddox IIs v Horton House IVs - match cancelled

Haddon IIIs v Pytchley - cancelled

S&L Corby IIIs 147-8 (Jack Scott 58no, Matt Hipkiss 4-22) lost to Dunchurch & Bilton IIs 148-5 (Dave Bek 49) by five wickets

Stony Stratford Vs v Brixworth IVs - match cancelled

Weldon IIIs 117-7 (Howard Roberts 37, Steve Walker 4-20) beat Thrapston IVs 116-8 (Harvey Walker 32) by three wickets

Division 14

Abington Phoenix IIs 188-9 beat Heyford IIIs 179-3 by nine runs

Burton Latimer IVs 134-2 (Bailey Villette-Lawman 58, Chris Carlisle 51no) beat Barton Seagrave IIIs 132-5 (Justin Lovegrove 50no, Daniel Sewell 4-15) by eight wickets

Isham & WI IVs 69-6 beat Rushton IIs 66 all out by four wickets

Kettering Vs 116-6 lost to Haddon IVs 217-4 (Darran Britton 95no, Jim Houghton 46) by 104 runs


Saturday, May 22

Premier Division: Brigstock v Desborough, Brixworth v Horton House, Oundle v Overstone Park, Peterborough v Finedon Dolben, Rushden & Higham v Old Northamptonians.

Division One: Finedon Dolben IIs v Long Buckby, Haddon v Loddington & Mawsley, Kislingbury v Irthlingborough, Old Northamptonians IIs v Wollaston, Stony Stratford v Burton Latimer, Weekley & Warkton v Wellingborough Town.

Division Two: Heyford v Peterborough IIs, Isham & WI v Great Houghton, Kettering v St Crispin & Ryelands, Rothwell v Earls Barton, Thrapston v Old, Weldon v Wellingborough OGs.

Division Three: Irchester v Podington, Isham & WI IIs v Bowden, Northampton Saints v Rushden & Higham IIs, Old Northamptonians IIIs v Brixworth IIs, Overstone Park IIs v Oundle IIs, Wollaston IIs v Geddington IIs.

Division Four: Carrib United v Stony Stratford IIs, Finedon Dolben IIIs v S&L Corby, Horton House IIs v Bold Dragoon, Spencer Bruerne v Harlestone, St Crispin & Ryelands IIs v Great Oakley, Wellingborough Town IIs v Raunds.

Division Five: Burton Latimer IIs v Bedford, Cogenhoe v Bugbrooke, Irthlingborough IIs v Rushton, Loddington & Mawsley IIs v Kempston Hammers, MK Air v Weekley & Warkton IIs, Yelvertoft v Kettering IIs.

Division Six: Desborough IIs v Mears Ashby, Earls Barton IIs v Rothwell IIs, Podington IIs v Sun Hardingstone, S&L Corby IIs v Northampton Saints IIs, Stony Stratford IIIs v Willoughby.

Division Seven: Bowden IIs v Dunchurch & Bilton, Old IIs v Isham & WI IIIs, Old Northamptonians IVs v Heyford IIs, Overstone Park IIIs v Barton Seagrave, Wellingborough OGs IIs v Gretton.

Division Eight: Geddington IIIs v Haddon IIs, Great Houghton IIs v Bugbrooke IIs, Long Buckby IIs v Horton House IIIs, Raunds IIs v Weldon IIs, St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs v Brigstock IIs.

Division Nine: Abington Phoenix v Irchester IIs, Braunston Paddox v Finedon Dolben IVs, Sun Hardingstone IIs v Kettering IIIs, Wollaston IIIs v MK Air IIs.

Division 10: Burton Latimer IIIs v Oundle IIIs, Grange Park v Cogenhoe IIs, Harlestone IIs v Obelisk IIs, Rushden & Higham IIIs v Wellingborough Town IIIs, St Michaels v Brixworth IIIs.

Division 11: Bold Dragoon IIs v Thrapston IIIs, Kettering IVs v Geddington IVs, Mears Ashby IIs v Barby IIIs, Old IIIs v Spencer Bruerne IIs, Weekley & Warkton IIIs v Stony Stratford IVs.

Division 12: Barton Seagrave IIs v Carrib United IIs, Bugbrooke IIIs v Old Northamptonians Vs, Great Oakley IIs v Irthlingborough IIIs, Northampton Saints IIIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IVs, Willoughby IIs v Wellingborough OGs IIIs.

Division 13: Brixworth IVs v Haddon IIIs, Dunchurch & Bilton IIs v Braunston Paddox IIs, Horton House IVs v Stony Stratford Vs, Pytchley v Weldon IIIs, Thrapston IVs v S&L Corby IIIs.

Division 14: Haddon IVs v Overstone Park IVs, Heyford IIIs v Kettering Vs, Rushton IIs v Burton Latimer IVs.