CRICKET: Northants Cricket League results, fixtures and pictures special

After one weekend of kind weather, the rain returned with interest to wreck the Hevey Building Supplies Northants Cricket League programme last Saturday.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 2:22 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:34 am
THAT'S OUT - action from Kislingbury IIs versus Kettering IIIs (Pictures: Dave Ikin)

Most matches started, but heavy rain from mid-afternoon meant that just three matches across the 14 divisions reached a conclusion.

In the premier division, all the matches were victims of the weather, but there were still some excellent individual performances for the scorebook.

Below are all the details from all of last weekend’s games, plus the full list of this weekend’s fixtures, and pictures of last weekend’s games between Kislingbury IIs and Kettering IIIs, Heyford and Rushden IIs and Long Buckby and Thrapston.

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Heyford v Rushden IIs

The pictures were taken by Chron photographer Dave Ikin.


Saturday, May 12

Premier Division

Heyford v Rushden IIs

Brigstock 158 all out (Archie Ogden 44, Jamie Kay 5-22, Chris Murdoch 5-37) v Geddington - interrupted draw

Horton House 227-4 (Ewan Cox 106no, Alex Mills 53) v Brixworth - interrupted draw

Old Northamptonians 184-8 (Rob White 40, Amrit Basra 40, Matt Milner 3-34) v Peterborough - interrupted draw

Oundle Town 237 all out (James Kettleborough 112no, Conor Craig 59, Saif Zaib 6-46) v Saints - interrupted draw

Long Buckby v Thrapston

Rushden Town 187 all out (Charlie Thurston 62, Chris Todd 4-46) v Finedon Dolben - interrupted draw

Rushton 94 all out (Marcus Steed 37, Luke Bartier 5-32) v Wollaston - interrupted draw

Division One

Isham 76 all out (Simon Denton 4-19, Craig Fowler 4-21) lost to Irthlingborough Town 78-2 (Alex McDonald 37no) by 8 wkts

Long Buckby v Thrapston

Kettering 176 all out (Theo Brooks 55, James White 40, Liam Flecknor 3-30, Calum Plowright 3-35, Nicholas Herbert 3-46) v Loddington & Mawsley - interrupted draw

Wellingborough 147 all out v Weekley & Warkton - interrupted draw

Stony Stratford 126 all out (Nick Whorton 5-16) v East Haddon 20-4 (Alex Strong 3-18) - interrupted draw

Desborough 223 all out (Jack Bilson 39, Matthew Cannon 5-84) v Oversrone Park - interrupted draw

Burton Latimer 266-6 (Alistair McClure 103, Aiden Cunningham 45, Nicholas Cooper 3-46) v Old Northamptonians IIs - interrupted draw

Division Two

Long Buckby v Thrapston

Wellingborough Indians 222 all out (Raul Patel 49, Andy Daniels 4-31) v Finedon IIs - interrupted draw

Great Houghton 183-6 (Matthew Jackson 64no) v Kislingbury Temperance - interrupted draw

Thrapston 168-7 (Greg Johnsson 58no, Mark Palmer 31no, Oliver Andrew 3-36) v Long Buckby 67-0 (Terry Cooper 37no) - interrupted draw

Saints IIs 300-6 (Affie Hussain 97, Liam Bligh 71, Dhiraj Khullar 57) v Earls Barton - interrupted draw

Rothwell 205 all out (Rohin Thapar 47, Dean Spreadbury 45) v Old - interrupted draw

Peterborough IIs 196-4 (Dhaanyaal Iqbal 42) v St Crispin’s & Ryelands - interrupted draw

Division Three

Brixworth v Great Oakley - match cancelled

Horton House IIs 155 all out (Ben Jordan 44, Anrdew Gosling 33, Mark Neave 5-28) v Geddington - no result

Rushden Town IIs 167-6 (Dominic Layram 42no, James Rawlins 40) v Heyford - no result

Irchester 208-8 (Harry Green 47, Jor Morton 39) v Oundle IIs - no result

Wollaston IIs 149 all out (Mark Carter 47, Thomas Hoy 3-24, Rizwan Ashraf 3-29, Oswin Peter 3-36) v Stony Stratford IIs - no result

Weldon 277-5(Joshua McLellan 147, Thomas Chenery 50) v Old Grammarians - no result

Division Four

Podington 185 all out (Ian Hart 64, Liam Souster 40, Daniel Denton 6-33) v Kempston Hammers - no result

Rushton IIs 243 all out (Peter Frankcam 66, John Fletcher 66, Cameron Banks 3-22) v Finedon Dolben IIIs - no result

Raunds Town 256 all out (Ollie Bates 74no, Ben Simpson 40, Kyle Smith 3-59, Adam Massey 3-60) v St Crispin’s & Ryelands IIs - no result

Higham Ferrers 109-6 (James Walker 39, Ryan Awbery 3-29) v Wellingborough IIs - no result

Overstone Park IIs 246-4 (Tom Cooke 75, Neel Patel 72) v Bowden - no result

West Haddon & Guilsborough 75 all out (Tom White 5-11, George Hudson 3-23) v Old Northamptonians IIIs - no result

Division Five

Bedford 89 all out (Nick Lester 5-17, Dan McLaughlin 3-26) lost to Cogenhoe 61-5 by 5 wkts

S&L Corby 160-6 (Tony Thurman 71, Don Chan 37, Adam West 3-31) v Carrib United - no result

Kettering IIs 103 all out (Martin Reece 41, Matt Prested 4-15, Cole Streather 4-25) v Weekley & Warkton IIs - no result

Stony Stratford IIIs 115-4 (Varun Kale 43no, Daniel O’Dell 3-3) v Bold Dragoon - no result

Thrapston IIs 77-9 (Jitesh Thanawalla 3-13, Kevin Johnson 3-31) v Harlestone 30-2 - no result

Yelvertoft 247-8 (James Burnett 69, Nischay Jankal 3-59) v Saints IIIs 0-0 - no result

Division Six

Burton Latimer IIs 129-2 (Alan Sewell 61no) v Earls Barton IIs - no result

Isham IIs 210-6 (Ian Kelland 68, Alex Skerrett 44, Ryan Conyard 43) v Irthlingborough IIs - no result

Rothwell IIs 186-7 (Cameron Knox 63) v Spencer Bruerne - no result

St Michael’s 74 Bugbrooke 220-3 (Chris Goodson 82, Anthony Webb 58) v East Haddon IIs - no result

Podington IIs 107-7 (Hayden Abeynaike 30, Hiren Patel 3-37) v Wellingborough Indians IIs - no result

Division Seven

Desborough Town IIs 188-8 (Alan Steed 42, Lee Bell 3-38) v Gretton - no result

Bugbrooke 134-9 (Clayton Gonsalves 4-52) v Overstone Park IIIs - no result

Obelisk 164 all out (Michael Charnley 58, Matt Virgin 38, David Alderson 4-34, Sean Guerin 3-34) v S&L Corby IIs - no result

Division Eight

Oundle Town 77 all out (Owen Kumley 9-30) lost to Barton Seagrave 81-1 (Liam Piddington 59no) by 9 wkts

Bowden IIs 165-3 (Nick Jelley 60no, Ryan Wilson 40no) v Long Buckby IIs - no result

Sun Hardingstone 148-3 (Lee Bennett 57, Phillip Monkman 54no) v Mears Ashby - no result

Old Northamptonians IVs 169 all out (Paul Fox 3-28) v Raunds Town IIs - no result

Horton House IIIs 93-8 (Mike MacDonnell 39) v Old Grammarians IIs ­- no result

Division Nine

St Michael’s 87 all out (Stephen Evans 3-1) lost to Irchester 108 all out (Ross Ekins 49, Tom Marlow 3-14, Geoff Mabert 3-33) by 21 runs

Great Houghton IIs 200-3 (Robert Hart 89no, Ryan Crook 36no) v Brixworth IIIs - no result

Weldon 105 all out (Dave Freebody 60, Paul Smith 4-13) v St Crispin’s Ryelands IIIs 38-2 - no result

Division 10

Cogenhoe IIs 193-3 (Adam Longley 47, Matt Morrissey 46, Jack Quennell 46no) v Overstone Park - no result

Geddington IIIs 289-9 (Matthew Knight 86no, Brodie Biddie 49, Andrew Bussey 5-48, Cole Massie 3-24) v Weekley & Warkton IIs - no result

Kettering Town IIIs 151-8 (Suraj Dholakia 57, Clive Wears 49) v Kislingbury Temperance IIs - no result

Division 11

Bold Dragoon IIs 73 all out (Mark Holliday 42no, Adam Boss 5-6, Michael Gardner 4-15) v Burton Latimer IIIs - no result

Stony Stratford IVs 226-7 (Rob Arnold 109, Michael Brown 75, Dan Hythe 4-51) v Horton House IVs- no result

ONs Vs 116-5 (Andrew Deeming 43, Jamie Dunk 41) v St Crispin’s & Ryelands IVs - no result

Irthlingborough IIIs 111 all out (Adam Bracewell 57no, Harry Middleton 4-21, Matthew Mooney 3-25) v Sun Hardingstone IIs - no result

Division 12

Bugbrooke IIs v Barby IIIs 138 all out (Ben House 44, Edward Molone 5-28, Gavin Dobson 4-24) - no result

Grange Park v Brixworth IVs - cancelled

St Michael’s 74 Bugbrooke IIs 202-6 (Nick Fox 79, Nick Croft 51, John Stretton 32no) v Obelisk IIs - no result

Spencer Bruerne IIs 198 all out (Keith Finson 54, Steve Faulkner 30, Ben Cole 3-40, Liam Goodall 3-49) v Mears Ashby IIs - no result

Old IIIs 92-2 (Tom Windrum 34no, Tony Harris 31) v Old Grammarians IIIs - no result

Division 13

Isham Zingari 109 all out (Drew Peel 4-18, Richard Spence 4-20) v Geddington IVs - no result

Kettering IVs 295-7 (Tommy Sims 116, Mike Storey 98, Sean Turner 44no, Lee Webb 3-64) v S&L Corby IIIs - no result

Saints IVs 50-2 v Barton Seagrave IIs - no result

Thrapston IVs 223-6 (Mike Coyne 77, Perry Shrars 62no) v Stony Stratford Vs - no result


Saturday, May 19

Premier Division: Brixworth v Geddington, Finedon Dolben v Oundle, Northampton Saints v Old Northamptonians, Peterborough v Horton House, Rushton v Rushden, Wollaston v Brigstock.

Division One: Irthlingborough Town v Loddington, Isham v East Haddon, Old Northamptonians IIs v Desborough, Overstone Park v Weekley & Warkton, Stony Stratford v Burton Latimer, Wellingborough Town v Kettering.

Division Two: Earls Barton v Old, Great Houghton v Finedon Dolben IIs, Kislingbury v Long Buckby, Rothwell v Wellingborough Indians, St Crispin & Ryelands v Northampton Saints IIs, Thrapston v Peterborough IIs.

Division Three: Geddington IIs v Stony Stratford IIs, Great Oakley v Weldon, Horton House IIs v Brixworth IIs, Old Grammarians v Irchester, Oundle IIs v Heyford, Rushden IIs v Wollaston IIs.

Division Four: Bowden v St Crispin & Ryelands IIs, Finedon Dolben IIIs v Kempston, Higham Ferrers v Overstone Park IIs, Old Northamptonians IIIs v Podington, Raunds v Rushton IIs, West Haddon & Guilsborough v Wellingborough Town IIs.

Division Five: Bold Dragoon v Harlestone, Cogenhoe v Stony Stratford IIIs, Kettering IIs v Thrapston IIs, Northampton Saints Grendon IIIs v Caribbean United, S&L Corby v Bedford Town, Weekley & Warkton IIs v Yelvertoft.

Division Six: Burton Latimer IIs v St Michaels 74, East Haddon IIs v Irthlingborough Town IIs, Podington IIs v Rothwell IIs, Spencer Bruerne v Earls Barton IIs, Wellingborough Indians IIs v Isham IIs.

Division Seven: Bugbrooke v S&L Corby IIs, Desborough IIs v Overstone Park IIIs, Loddington IIs v Gretton.

Division Eight: Barton Seagrave v Old Grammarians IIs, Hardingstone v Raunds IIs, Long Buckby IIs v Horton House IIIs, ONs IVs v Bowden IIs, Oundle IIIs v Mears Ashby.

Division Nine: Heyford IIs v Brixworth IIIs, Irchester IIs v St Crispin & Ryelands IIIs, Little Harrowden v Great Houghton IIs, Weldon IIs v Wellingborough Town IIIs, Wollaston IIIs v St Michaels (N).

Division 10: Brigstock IIs v Finedon Dolben IVs, Harlestone IIs v Kislingbury IIs, Overstone Park IVs v Geddington IIIs, Rushden IIIs v Cogenhoe IIs, Weekley & Warkton IIIs v Kettering IIIs.

Division 11: Burton Latimer IIIs v Old Northamptonians Vs, Horton House IVs v Bold Dragoon IIs, St Crispin & Ryelands IVs v Hardingstone IIs, Thrapston IIIs v Irthlingborough Town IIIs.

Division 12: Barby IIIs v Spencer Bruerne IIs Brixworth IVs v Obelisk Kingsthorpe IIs, Grange Park v Old Grammarians IIIs, Mears Ashby IIs v Old IIIs, St Michaels 74 IIs v Bugbrooke IIs.

Division 13: Geddington IVs v Thrapston IVs, Kettering IVs v Northampton Saints Grendon IVs, S&L Corby IIIs v Isham Zingari, Stony Stratford Vs v Weldon IIIs, West Haddon & Guilsborough IIs v Barton Seagrave IIs.

Long Buckby v Thrapston
Kislingbury IIs v Kettering IIIs
Kislingbury IIs v Kettering IIIs
Long Buckby v Thrapston