ANGLING: Rogers lands some Jura monsters

FANCY fighting monster fish '“ against some of the strongest tides around British coasts '“ that weigh more than YOU do and stick to the bottom like giant rubber suckers?

Friday, 13th May 2016, 12:31 pm
Updated Friday, 13th May 2016, 1:36 pm
YOUD need a ton of chips with this! Vince Rogers boated this 190lb skate  returned alive  off Scotlands Isle of Jura

That is what town’s Vince Rogers and fishing pal Andy Gilling were doing last week off the west coast of Scotland – struggling to lift huge skate weighing around 14 stone!

On the one day they managed to beat the weather and get out on the surging waters around the Isle of Jura, Vince boated a 190 and two 137s while Andy had one of 205lbs, a 190 and a 187.

All the fish were returned alive as part of a local conservation programme. Using ‘broomstick’ 50lb class rods, they were left ‘cream-crackered’ by bringing the fish up from depths going on 600 feet (100 fathoms).

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“When you had one on it was like trying to lift the seabed,” said Vince. “But driving back across Scotland, through snowstorms, we had to agree it was an experience to be grabbed with both hands.”

SPORTS & Social AC may have only been formed a few weeks back...but they already have a match record which will take some beating! Sunday’s Shearsby Valley trip saw Dave Rawlins win with 207-11, followed by Stan Atter on 152-8 and Dave Chamberlain 104-13. Two others topped the ton.

ONLY carp matches sell out these days, right? Wrong. This year’s Ringer Baits Ferry Meadows feedermaster tickets were offered on line...with a 50-peg sell-out in just 12 minutes! Michael Buchwalder won over a grand (8th place earned £200) with 87-4 of slabs. Steve Ringer had 84-8, Adam Waklin 67-4 and Phil Irving 60lb. The best bream scaled 10-12...

DAYTICKET Willen Lake threw up a new local record this week as Jason Partlow banked a 43-15 common. Stanwick’s Elsons saw Bradley Wegner net a 39-8 AND a 30 PLUS a 28. At Drayton ‘Danny’ had 104 fish to 20lb in 48 hours.

WHITE Hart Flore, Tofts: Mick Wheeler 112, Trevor Griffiths 111-8, Dave Walker 105-1.

MILLPOOL, Barston: Carl Barnfield 107-2, Ben Taylor 90-4, Wayne Sharman 72-6.

MILL Lane, Alders: Gary Abrahams 94-12, Mark Whaddams 92-13, Guy Jacobson 82lb.

CASTLE Ashby, Grendon: Bob Reed 80lb, Chris Garrett 78-4, Keith Garrett 73-12.

NORTHANTS beat Derbyshire 99-4 to 73-8 on Peatling Parva: Ron Sandle 44-8, Paul Latter 33-8, Pat Byrne 31-4.

FLORE & Brockhall, Barby Banks: Bob Prowse 33lb, Terry Smith 31lb, Rob Rawlins 19lb.

COUNTY Vets, Canons, midweek: Bob Spencer 22-3, Paul Lafflin 21lb, Alan West 15-4.

CASTLE, Canons: Ian Halliwell 21-6, Jeff Rice 19-2, Fred Prior 12-4; TOWCESTER, Seven Acres: Mick Goodridge 5-12 (roach), Les Goodridge 5-7, George Mynard 3-7.