ANGLING: Dave's able to deliver as he wins at Flore

What a Bank Holiday that was...blazing sunshine and carp, carp and more carp coming out all over the place!

Friday, 11th May 2018, 9:12 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:17 am
Tomas Zniebrzdowski with Emberton Park snapper

And there can’t have been many places where they were feeding harder than at Tofts, scene of White Hart Flore’s mega baggin’ session.

The club’s top 10 netted close to half-a-ton, and the top three – separated by just 8lb – had more than 200lb apiece as Dave Chapman won with 213-8, Trevor Griffiths had 211-8 and Courtney Hewlett 205-8.

BIG-fish seekers found Stanwick still on form, producing three 30s and a shoal of 20s as Gary Poole led with eight to 32-10 from Mallard, Mike Wray had seven to 32-2 (Elsons) and James Ford a 30.

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ROYAL Oak hit Shearsby Valley where Grant Merritt had 128-4, Pete Caton 123-10 and Carl Mullen 94-10.

TOVE Valley, Lakeside: Rob Dzialak 88-8, Shaun Smart 82-4, Terry Davis 78-12.

ANNUAL ‘Derby v Northampton’ do, Peatling Parva: Top fours, Derby 196lb, ‘Town 145lb. Paul Latter, second with 58-8, was top Northampton weight.

IF the hot weather was a godsend to carpers, it was the opposite for those relying on bream...and Ferry Meadows fished dire for the 50 peg two-day annual Ringers Classic – with few catching on both days.

But it was good money – and Mike Hightower-Reeves won £1,000 for top-spot with a two-day 36-6, followed by Phil Ringer 32-11, and Emma Pickering 21-2. Tenth place (£250) fell to a two-fish 10-8...

WHITE Hart Flore oldies, midweek, Tofts: Ron Collins 122lb, Glen Tilson 110-15, John Tee 100lb.

FLORE & Brockhall, Barby Mill: Terry Smith 62lb, Steve Smith 41lb Rob Rawlins 33lb.

CASTLE Ashby: midweek, Chris Camplin 38lb, Alan West 19-8, Ron Coles 19-4; Sat., Mick and Courtney Hewlett both 48lb, Frank Pizamenti 17-12; Sun., Grendon, Gary Underwood 31-4, Andy Jones 17-12, Kevin Folwell 14-8.

CASTLE, silverfish league, Canons: Jeff Rice 23-8, Colin Bradbury 14-6, John Lewis 14-4.

NENE/Towcester, Heyford canal: Bream dominated a fair sprinkling of small silvers. Dave Brench 18-5, John Balhatchett 12-2, Dave Gibbins 10-6.

ABINGTON, Rysons: Dave Clawley 15-10, Alan Lee 14-10, John Gamble 7-3 (85 fish).

IT IS quite common this time of year to see small quantities of dead fish, usually small silvers, floating in windward margins. Usually its a combination of natural factors and a sad fact of life. If you do, please call the EA 0800 807060 in case it is something more serious.