Gym video shows man falling off treadmill after trying to impress his girlfriend

This video shows the moment a gym-goer tries to impress his girlfriend by running on the treadmill beside her - only to take an embarrassing tumble.

If you can't see the video, watch it here

Rob Smith, 31, said he does not usually hit the treadmill when he works out at the gym - but decided to run on the machine next to his girlfriend, Alice Baddaly, in solidarity.

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But the workout did not go as well for Rob as he had hoped, when he ended up dropping his phone whilst running - and then forgot to stop the machine before stooping to pick it up.

In the video footage from GL Fitness in Hailsham, East Sussex, Rob's phone can be seen flying off the back of the treadmill, before Rob himself ends up sliding off the treadmill on his bottom.

Rob, can be seen trying to save himself, attempting to push himself back to his feet using the end of the treadmill.

But the machine, which seems to be going at quite a fast speed, sends him flying, and he can be seen ending up on his back just behind the treadmill - luckily, having a good laugh at himself.

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Meanwhile, 32-year-old Alice continues jogging on the treadmill next to Rob - seemingly without even a backward glance.

Rob, from Polegate, said: "It was well annoying. I didn't even know I was being filmed.

"My friend owns the gym - so he was probably sat somewhere watching it happen and having a right laugh at me.

"All of my girlfriend's friends have seen it, too. I'd only been with her for probably three or four months at that point, I suppose I was going on the treadmill to impress her," he joked.