Aldi launch huge new Harry Potter range with homeware, crafts, toys and school gear

Express yourself with all things Potter with this new range from Aldi (Photo: Aldi)Express yourself with all things Potter with this new range from Aldi (Photo: Aldi)
Express yourself with all things Potter with this new range from Aldi (Photo: Aldi)

Potter-heads, listen up - Aldi is going to be releasing a huge Harry Potter collection.

Even though the first Harry Potter book came out in 1997, the love for the series is still going strong and we can’t see it fading out any time soon.

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What’s on offer?

There is loads of Harry Potter stuff to get your hands on, ranging from items that are actually practical to ones that are just for fun.

On the fun side of things, there are a whole host of toys for you to choose from.

There are plush versions of Harry, Ron, Hermione and everyone's favourite house elf Dobby.

You can grab Potter and pals for £5.99 each (Photo: Aldi)

You can get your hands on a wand with a tip that actually lights up and the free app that comes with the wand lets you review all the patterns you’ve created with your wand, so you can perfect your ‘expecto patronum’.

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Felt crafting kits, as well as crocheting sets, are up for grabs and there are also kits available that allow you to knit your own house hat or scarf.

Available in the iconic colours for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, you can show off your house pride when you’re out and about.

Stuff for school

Also on offer is loads of school kit for younger Potter fans.

There are three different lunch bags, a colourful one with cartoon characters on the design, a red ‘expecto patronum’ one showcasing a battle between Harry and some dementors, and a more subtle black version emboldened with “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.”

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Aldi has you covered with a variety of Harry Potter school bags and there are also two Potter pencil cases - one with the three house crests on it and the other designed like a Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Be the envy of all your muggle friends with this Hogwarts bag, just £9.99 (Photo: Aldi)

The German supermarket also have various notebooks for sale in different designs guaranteed to make your muggle friends jealous.

Brighten up your own number 4 Privet Drive

If you use your home decor to express your love for all things Potter then you’re in luck.

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Three different butterbeer mug designs are available, plus six reversible cushions andTen reversible duvet sets - so you can channel the Gryffindor common room in various parts of your house.

To help you get all cosied up in your new wizarding sheets Aldi have a range of children’s and adult-sized pajamas, starting at just £3.99 a set.

'Slytherin' to bed with these Gryffindor pajamas for £8.99 (Photo: Aldi)

When is it available?

The bargain chain will be launching the magical range this weekend on Sunday 19 May.

This article originally appeared on our sister site Edinburgh Evening News

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