Letter: Cobblers are heading for relegation

Cobblers V Colchester United
Cobblers V Colchester United

Northampton Town fan Peter Whatton says this has been a season to forget for his beloved Cobblers, and he thinks worse is to come.

I am sorry to have to write to you again, as like many of Cobblers supporters I was looking forward to better things.

So where are we? Plunging towards the Vanarama National League.

Never ever have I seen so many strikers who can’t put the ball in the back of the net or defences that can not keep a clean sheet.

Over the past two games chances have been missed that I could have scored and I am in my late 70s. It has been an object lesson on poor finishing, poor defending and too many changes in players and systems.

In this division you decide on a system get players into implement that system and basically stick to it so that for each game the players know what they must do individually and as a team.

Saturday was poor as I have said before we do not defend well as a team, and our crossing and decision making in the final third is awful.

Surely managers do have some responsibility for all this.

Why can’t we get, now after so many have come and gone, a manager who can inspire, organise and instil a real spirit into the players?

We are in a very precarious position.

We need these players to play with real desire and a never say die spirit. Who can implant this into them?

Peter Whatton

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