Year-one pupil set to miss her last school disco in Northampton as she forgot to pay on time

An unhappy Northampton mum has been told that her six-year-old daughter cannot attend her final school disco because she forgot to pay £2.50.

Thursday, 8th December 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:52 pm
Barry Primary School, photo credit: Google Maps

Emma Smith of Abington, who is moving to Brighton in the new year with the year-one pupil, is calling on Barry Primary School to allow the key-stage-one girl entry as “she’s picked out her dress and painted her nails.”

The disco, which is set to go ahead tomorrow, will be monitored by a group of volunteers and safeguarding measures have been put in place by the school to ensure a safe adult to pupil ratio.

Mrs Smith said: “Friday, November 2 was the deadline, she had the money in her bookbag for seven days and forgot to hand it in. I have an 11-week-old premature baby, so I have been really flustered in the mornings and experiencing forgetfulness.”

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The pupil, who believes the disco is the “biggest thing in the world” doesn’t know that she cannot attend.

Mrs Smith told the Chronicle & Echo that when her daughter finds out she will be heartbroken.

She said: “It will have an impact on her and make her feel picked out. That she has been punished almost, she has always been amazing at school, it will confuse her as to why she can’t go.

“She missed the last school disco because her baby brother was in the hospital, she’s picked out her dress and painted her nails. I’d pay triple if I had to so she goes.

“I wouldn’t be pushing this is she wasn’t moving school. We are trying to do the best job as parents and lacking moral support with the school. If she is not there on Thursday night everyone will be talking about it on Friday and it will break her heart.”

Anne Smith, Head teacher of Barry Primary School said: “We have run successful school discos for several years with our current procedures in place. Parents are always given two weeks in which to buy tickets. We have a cut-off date to allow our small, but very hard-working, group of volunteers to make appropriate arrangements and to ensure a safe adult to pupil ratio.”