Woman discharged herself despite seizure after, she claims, NGH '˜could not offer appropriate drugs'

A Northampton woman claims she was forced to leave hospital despite having had an epileptic seizure hours earlier because of a lack of proper medication.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 6:00 am

Miar Kennedy, aged 52, from Briar Hill, had a seizure late at night and was admitted as an emergency patient to Northampton General Hospital.

Under normal circumstances, she would follow up a seizure with preventative medication to head off further, worse, attacks.

Having left her usual medication at home in the rush to get to hospital, Mrs Kennedy was unable to follow her usual regime.

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But she claims NGH staff told her they had none of the four types she normally takes.

She said: “I was offered one that would have virtually knocked me out and another I was allergic to.

“I was still very wobbly and I would have wanted to stay in hospital ideally.

“But I couldn’t risk having another seizure, so I had to discharge myself.”

The hospital said Mrs Kennedy was given words of advice but was unable to comment further due to patient confidentiality.