What Alternative Northampton would look like if these 13 projects had been built

From a town-wide tram system to four colossal eco-pyramids near Delapre Abbey, the number of potentially game-changing projects that have vanished without trace have been plenty in Northampton over the last 15 years

Friday, 30th November 2018, 6:53 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 2:54 am
The proposed tram routes
The proposed tram routes

But just imagine what kind of a town we would be living in today if all of these projects had come off. And before you say it, Ikea was far too obvious to make the list...

The stalwart optician created a plan for Abington Street in 2008. It incorporated beautiful sculptures, an intricate fountain and flowing water down the centre of the street.
A key part of optician John Sheinman's 2008 plan was a tram system on two separate routes.

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A 40 million mini-Eden project was proposed for the historic Delapre Abbey site, before being scrapped in 2013.
Controversial is not the word. If this had been built without a hitch, the town would have been different for LOTS of different reasons.
One that did go ahead, but in a different way. Several designs for Northampton rail station were submitted over the years.
This one is still on the cards. The Old Northampton Group unveiled plans to demolish it and turn it into a proper hotel, complete with two restaurants, a bar and shops.
The owners of the iconic structure announced plans to install a wraparound screen that would be used to show images and videos to promote the town and local area.
Work will start by next summer on Northampton Borough Councils Vulcan Works project after it was awarded a further 3million fund.
Residents living nearby have firmer grounds for hope than in previous years after signs of actual progress, albeit slow, on a retirement village.
Not quite sure precisely the location but wouldn't we all like to live in a town that looked like this?
First glimpsed in 2015, a significant expansion was set to take place in stages. But NHS funding has proved a stumbling block.
The project went "back to the drawing board" after the developer decided it couldn't deliver the 600 flats after all.
The longest-lasting legacy of this project could well be the 'No Monster Incinerator!' slogan.
We know it as the flagship Northampton International Academy, but it almost became a huge Tesco store