VIDEO: Homeless puppy Tony overlooked by potential owners because he has an extra toe

Homeless puppy Tony is being overlooked by potential new owners - because he's got an extra toe.

The adorable pooch went toe to toe with his four identical siblings when they were looking for new homes - and he’s the only one left.

But staff at Dogs Trust in Kenilworth, Warwickshire want to assure any potential owners that his deformity does not affect the cute canine in any way.

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They are appealing for a home for the adorable golden coloured eight-week-old cross-breed - who has been given his name because it has the sound toe in it.

Whilst his identical - bar the additional toe - siblings were reserved immediately to go to loving new homes, Tony is still waiting to find his furry-tail ending.

His toe doesn’t affect his walk or cause him any discomfort.

But workers at the centre think he has been overlooked simply because of his extra digit.

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Tony and his siblings all arrived at the rehoming centre at the same time as part of an unwanted litter.

Jane Hirons, Dogs Trust Kenilworth Supporter Relations Officer, explains: “Puppies like this gorgeous litter normally find homes immediately, just as Tony’s siblings have, so it’s really surprising that he is still with us.

“Sadly we find some people will overlook dogs with the slightest quirks so we hope a new owner will see beyond his quirky paws and offer him a happy home.

“He is a fantastic, mischievous little character and we absolutely adore him so can’t wait to see him find the loving home he deserves.

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“He may have lost out going toe to toe with his siblings to find a new home but we know the right home is out there for him.

After all, Anne Boleyn was rumoured to have six fingers and it didn’t stop her becoming Queen of England.”

Bond star Gemma Arterton was born with an extra digit next to her pinkie on each hand, but she had this removed at birth.

A dog normally has four toes on the ground per foot, each with a claw.

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A higher vestigial toe, known as a dewclaw, is also normal on a foreleg.

Tony has five toes on the ground.

This condition is known as polydactyly, meaning ‘many’. It is a congenital physical anomaly in humans, dogs, and cats having supernumerary fingers or toes.