THREE Northampton locations where different traffic rules are now being enforced by ANPR cameras

0.03 per cent of the population responded to the council’s survey to enforce these new rules

Here are the THREE Northampton locations where motorists can now be fined for breaking various traffic rules.

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) is clamping down on motorists sitting in yellow boxes, blocking busy junctions, and making illegal turnings.

WNC ran a public consultation from 10 November to 21 December 2022 and received a measly 141 responses from a population of 425,700 people in West Northants – that’s 0.03% of the population.

The council said went on to claim their survey had a ‘positive response’ and has now put in place new traffic enforcement laws on the back of it.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) enforcement has now started this month (February) at Hermitage Way in Wootton, Victoria Gardens junction with St John’s Street, and Fishponds Road junction with Great Billing Way.

ANPR enforcement cameras are also set to be installed in Horsemarket junction with Gold Street and Marefair, and Deanshanger Road in Old Stratford at a later date, according to WNC.

The council says the new enforcement measures are to ‘aid traffic flow’ by ensuring carriageways ‘don’t become blocked by vehicles’ and to ‘help avoid accidents’ taking place at busy junctions.

During the first six months of operation at each site, a warning notice will be issued for the first offenses for any given vehicle, thereafter Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) will be issued. The council has been asked how much a PCN will cost.

Councillor Phil Larratt, cabinet member for highways, said: “With our highways partner Kier and the police, we identified the first five spots which would benefit from this kind of enforcement.

“The majority of survey responses came from those who either strongly support or support the introduction of these measures, although some of those who responded to the survey disagreed, but their objections were largely around the introduction of enforcement as a concept.

“As long as people are aware of and are following the rules of the road, they won’t fall foul of these new measures, and we should see fewer accidents and hopefully less congestion as a result.”

At a council meeting on November 30, councillor Larratt was asked to explain why residents were experiencing ‘such heavy traffic’ and congestion around the town, particularly outside schools and hospitals.

He replied that the design of the town’s road networks ‘isn’t fit for today’s traffic’. But now he has given the go-ahead to this new scheme to punish motorists driving on the very road network he says is unfit for purpose.

Councillor Larratt said: “Unfortunately, we live in a town with a medieval road network designed on the medieval basis of the design of the town, which really isn't fit for today's traffic. Congestion, unfortunately, on the road network we've got is very difficult to manage. Happy to look at any particular proposals, but we have no intention of instigating a low emission zone area in Northampton to rip off the motorist, as we know that's what the Labour Party wants to do. We have no intention of instigating such a scheme in Northampton.”

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