Pictures: Traffic CHAOS across Northampton causes half-mile queues stretching back in FOUR different directions

The roadworks which caused traffic jams in the town are set to last for SIX weeks

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 7:59 am

Traffic in a busy part of Northampton was absolute chaos today (Monday, March 15) with half-mile queues stretching back in four different directions.

Improvement work got under way today at the crossroads of Spencer Bridge Road and St Andrew's Road, with just one lane open in all four directions and temporary traffic lights in place.

Northamptonshire Highways and partners KierWSP will be upgrading the traffic signals, renewing pedestrian crossing points and resurfacing until May 5.

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Queues on Spencer Bridge Road

The traffic was backed up at least half a mile in each direction, which also spilled over to the Northampton Railway Station area.

Different roadworks are taking place in Weedon Road, in St James, and traffic was backed up from The Sevens Pub to Franklin's Gardens.

A KeirWSP spokesman said: "When programming works such as these, we consider the impact on all pedestrians and road users and plan our works to minimise disruption.

"We do understand the closures will be inconvenient but works can only be completed safely and efficiently with this in place.

The roadworks are expected to last for six weeks

"Access to businesses and to the train station will be maintained at all times but please allow extra time for your journey as there may be delays.

"Marshals will be on site to help pedestrians and temporary push button crossing points will be in place.

"We hope any inconvenience will be tolerated for the duration of the works as this scheme will significantly improve the area."

Northamptonshire County Council has been contacted for comment.

The queues on Spencer Bridge Road

An Environmental Protection UK spokesman said: "Road transport is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the UK, contributing to poor air quality, noise disturbance, congestion and climate change .

"Of the 34 million vehicles on our roads, 28 million are cars. Whilst travel by car is often the only practicable option, there are simple steps we can all take to reduce the number of journeys we take and their impact on the environment.

"Road transport accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) a major contributor to climate change."

For more information on how to reduce your car's pollution, click here.

The queue from Semilong was about a half mile long
The queue stretching back to the railway station entrance
Traffic warnings are being advertised
Queues formed both ways in Spencer Bridge Road
The queue from the railway station side
The queues on the A45 just past West Bridge garage
More traffic was piling up on the A45 near the railway station
Queues on Spencer Bridge Road
The roadworks on the Spencer Bridge Road crossroads
The queues backing up towards Northampton town centre
Queues building on the A45 near the railway station