Here's what's happening at major petrol stations in Northampton on the FOURTH day of fuel shortage fears

The government's transport secretary Grant Shapps has said there is 'no shortage of fuel' and that people 'should be sensible' and fill up when they need to.

By Logan MacLeod
Monday, 27th September 2021, 3:32 pm
This was the queue into Sainsbury's at around 11am
This was the queue into Sainsbury's at around 11am

There are STILL huge queues to get into major supermarket petrol stations in Northampton today (Monday).

Motorists in the town are flocking to petrol stations today (September 27) to fill up their tanks due to fears of fuel shortages.

This is now the fourth day of panic-buying fuel in the town and across the country.

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This was the sign outside JET in Far Cotton

However, the government's transport secretary Grant Shapps has said there is 'no shortage of fuel' and that people 'should be sensible' and fill up when they need to.

The Chron visited Shell garage near Kislingbury, Sainsbury's in Sixfields, Westbridge Garage, Morrison's in the town centre, JET in Far Cotton, and Tesco Extra in Mereway.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We have good availability of fuel, and we’re working really hard to ensure regular deliveries to our petrol filling stations across the UK every day."

Here's what the situation was like at the major filling stations in Northampton at 11am today:

No fuel stock image.

The Shell garage was still coned off after being closed all weekend to motorists.

There were long queues further up the Weedon Road at Sainsbury's.

The single file traffic to get into the supermarket was backed up out of the store's grounds and all the way to the Weedon Road roundabout.

A marshal was directing traffic inside Sainsbury's, with around 30 cars on the garage's forecourt either filling up or waiting to do so.

There were smaller queues inside Westbridge Garage but traffic was periodically becoming congested on St James' Road due to drivers not being able to undertake in the 24-hour bus lane, instead having to wait behind those turning into the garage.

Posters saying 'only diesel available' were on display at Westbridge, also.

A customer notice from Spar at Westbridge read: "Due to an increased demand for fuel, we are limiting all purchases to a maximum of £30. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation."

The town's mayor, Rufia Ashraf, tweeted an update from Westbridge at around 1pm saying: "Avoid Westbridge if you can, queues for petrol all the way from St Peter's roundabout."

At Morrison's, in Victoria Promenade, it was similar scenes to the large ones seen on Friday.

Queues were backed up out of the supermarket and on to the A4500 next to Becket's Park.

There was a marshal at Morrison's directing cars into the pumps.

The JET garage in London Road, Far Cotton, had 'no fuel' according to a sign outside.

Queues were backed up at Tesco Extra in Mereway and going out of the supermarket's premises.

A Tesco marshal was directing around 40 to 50 cars into the pumps in total. And the influx of cars was continuous.

Weston Favell Shopping Cetre tweeted today saying: "Tesco Weston Favell has no more fuel left. We will keep you posted with any further updates."

Northampton Fire and Rescue Service has called on drivers to stop panic buying fuel.

Chief Fire Officer Darren Dovey said: "Please stop panic buying fuel or stockpiling. It is causing the issue and is dangerous. Essential services need fuel to operate."

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