Here's how many Stagecoach bus services are cancelled in Northampton today

Dozen routes affected as HGV driver shortage continues to bite

By Kevin Nicholls
Monday, 1st November 2021, 8:53 am
Updated Monday, 1st November 2021, 8:56 am
Stagecoach says the vast majority of its services are running normally in Northampton
Stagecoach says the vast majority of its services are running normally in Northampton

Cancellations are continuing on bus routes across Northampton despite a tweak to timetables to improve reliability.

New times on some services started yesterday but passengers still woke up on Monday (November 1) to a raft of cancellations due to a national shortage of HGV drivers.

Operator Stagecoach says it is still operating the 'vast majority' of its services as normal but unions are warning things could get worse before they get better.

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Bobby Morton, Unite's national officer for passenger transport, told Sky News: "It all goes back to the lorry drivers, the shortage of lorry drivers in the haulage industry.

"Things that lorry drivers share with bus drivers is very long hours, massive fatigue levels, lack of basic facilities such as toilet facilities and washing facilities.

"And the mindset of the bus drivers at the moment is that, in the haulage industry, the employers threw money at the problem, at the shortage.

"So the mindset is now, if we've got to work in these Victorian conditions, then we might as well get £20 an hour driving the lorry, as opposed to £10 an hour driving a bus. So the bus drivers are leaving in droves to go to the other industry."

Stagecoach announced more than 70 cancellations across a dozen routes via its Twitter feed on Monday morning.

A statement from the company said: "We are currently facing a short-term staffing situation due to external factors affecting the wider transport and logistics sector. There is an estimated shortfall of around 4,000 drivers throughout the UK bus sector.

"This is having an impact on our bus services in Northampton, which unfortunately is resulting in some short-term timetable changes.

"We are continuing to operate the vast majority of scheduled journeys as normal.

"Where we are having to make changes, these are being published through our social media channels.

"We are currently recruiting for new drivers, and are focused on getting new recruits through our training pipeline and on the road as soon as we can.

"We would like to thank our customers for their patience while we work to resume our full service as quickly as possible."

Follow @StagecoachMids to get up to date information on cancelled or disrupted journeys. Services cancelled on Monday (November 1):

■ Service 1 from North Gate at 05:12 and 07:17

From Overstone Lakes at 05:44, 06:32 and 07:50

■ Service 2 from North Gate at 06:18, 06:33, 07:30,07:45 and 08:45

From Blackthorn at 06:41, 06:56, 07:56, 08:11 and 09:11

■ Service 3 from Mereway Tesco at 10:48 and 12:18

From The Drapery at 11:37

From Stagecoach Depot to Mereway at 10:19

■ Service 4 from North Gate at 06:06, 07:05, 08:03, 09:03, 10:18, 11:18, 12:18, 12:48 and 13:48

From Chalcombe Av at 06:22, 07:22, 08:22, 09:22, 10:37, 11:37, 12:37, 13:07 and 14:07.

■ Service 8 from North Gate 08:58, 09:40, 12:20 and 14:20

From Kings Heath at 09:13, 09:56, 12:36 and 14:36

■ Service 9 from Drapery at 10:54.

■ Service 9A from Drapery at 10:09 and 11:39.

■ Service 11 from Drapery at 06:32, 07:30 and 08:34

From Grange Park at 07:02, 07:52 and 09:00

■ Service 15 from Drapery at 06:53, 07:51, 09:22 and 10:22

From Berrywood at 07:17, 08:16, 09:47 and 10:47

■ Service 16 from North Gate at 07:46,10:24,10:54,11:54,12:54 and 15:04

From Ecton Brook at 08:25,11:02, 11:32, 12:32, 13:32 and 15:47

■ Service 51 from Weston Favell at 05:01

■ Service 58 from North Gate at 06:47