'Someone is going to get killed soon': Anger over motorists illegally using Northampton bus lanes with no fear of punishment

The bus lane on Weedon Road, Northampton. Photo: GoogleThe bus lane on Weedon Road, Northampton. Photo: Google
The bus lane on Weedon Road, Northampton. Photo: Google
Concerns have been raised about a potential accident caused by a driver illegally using a bus lane in Northampton during the morning rush hour.

There is currently no enforcement of restrictions for bus lanes in Northamptonshire meaning irresponsible motorists can use them without fear of punishment.

Mark Taylor, who uses Weedon Road every weekday to get to work, believes a tragedy is waiting to happen if drivers are allowed to continue flouting the rules.

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"Every day I sit on Weedon Road and see people speeding down the bus lane," he said.

"There are kids crossing on the way to school and someone is going to be killed if this isn’t stopped soon."

Mr Taylor says it is a common sight on his daily commute to see cars zoom past him down the inside lane which is reserved for buses, taxis and cyclists from 7.30-9.30am.

Yesterday morning (Wednesday, December 4) was particularly bad, the St James business owner said, which prompted him to complain to Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire County Council.

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But he feels disappointed with their responses - telling him to report his concerns online - and believes they are not being taken seriously.

"What is it going to take? Someone is going to get run over and killed," he said.

"I don't want to be the one picking up some kid off the street and saying to their mum, 'sorry Mrs but your child is dead.'

"Having more cars in the right lane would make my journey longer so I'm not bothered about that, I care about the children crossing the road being put at risk."

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In August, the county council announced a 'crack down' on vehicles illegally using bus lanes as cabinet approved a plan to use CCTV and number plate recognition technology.

However they will only be in Drapery and the bus gate linking Church Street to Cambridge Street in Wellingborough town centre and are yet to be installed.

A trial in 2017 found 427 vehicles a day over a week wrongly used Drapery and 52 vehicles a day over two weeks used the bus lane on Weedon Road at the junction of Duston Road.

A county council spokesman said the new technology is due to be installed 'in the near future' and the expected savings are part of the next budget.