Faulty traffic light fixed near chaotic Brackmills in Northampton

Gridlock pictures taken by Chronicle & Echo staff at rushhour on Pavillion Drive on November 6.
Gridlock pictures taken by Chronicle & Echo staff at rushhour on Pavillion Drive on November 6.

An 'intermittent issue' with a traffic light has now been fixed near Brackmills, which has been playing a part in causing traffic chaos.

Northamptonshire Highways has fixed the problem at the top of slip road on the Queen Eleanor roundabout - where motorists exit from the A45 westbound - and all signals are now operating properly.

The county council said it was an intermittent issue with a traffic light detector.

It comes as the Chronicle & Echo is this week calling on authorities including the county council, Highways England and Brackmills BID, to work together to formulate a plan to get commuters home on time. A point continually raised by employees on Brackmills is the issue of the single-lane traffic outside Barclays, in Pavillion Drive, and the limited access points. It is more often than not gridlocked... and uncontrolled, with motorists driving on the wrong side of the road in a bid to beat queues.

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A member of the public this week addressed Northamptonshire Highways, on Fix My Street, about the signals not giving sufficient time for traffic to get off the sliproad from the A45 westbound and onto the Queen Eleanor roundabout.

The county council said the A45 slip is on green for 45 seconds out of a total of 65 seconds - with the other 20 seconds going to the roundabout.

Northamptonshire Highways said increasing the time given to sliproad traffic would impact on traffic approaching from Mereway, which already queues significantly.

The Queen Eleanor roundabout is being upgraded in January 2020, which will provide additional capacity at the junction and will also include the latest 'control technology'.

Brackmills traffic volume is significant at peak times of the day with the majority of businesses all finishing at the same time, which puts a significant strain on the network.