Thousands call on Northamptonshire Police to spare dog accused of biting people during storm

More than 5,000 people have now signed a petition calling for a dog that escaped during Storm Doris to be spared from destruction by Northamptonshire Police.

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 5:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:08 pm
Thousands have now signed a petition to keep Muppet from being put down.

Cross bread Muppet was seized after four people were attacked and bitten in Ingleborough Way, Duston, on February 23 this year.

He and another dog, Phoebe, had escaped from the garden they were secured in as Storm Doris battered the country.

But last week Northamptonshire Police faced a backlash after applying to the courts to have Muppet put down.

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Hundreds of Facebook users called on the force to spare the pet who belongs to owner Jeff Penfold.

It also prompted Bristol couple Kylie Holland and Larry Carolle to launch a petition after Mr Penfold claimed neither of the victims could point to Muppett as their attacker.

Phoebe, the other dog, was shot dead at the scene by police officers as the force claimed she was approaching a man and a young child.

As of last night, the petition to save 15-month-old Muppet had gathered 5,133 names.

Miss Holland, 30, said: "Jeff just wants the dog home.

"He has no case to answer to.

"The police themselves say Muppet is not a threat.

"He has to be distressed spending six months away from his family.

"The dog needs to go home."

Last week the BBC claimed to have seen documents by Northamptonshire Police's own guiding expert on the Dangerous Dogs Act, stating that Muppet presented no danger to the public.

No criminal charges have been brought against Mr Penfold, though he has twice been asked to sign a voluntary destruction order.

Northamptonshire Police has declined to make any further comment ahead of a hearing at Wellingborough Magistrates' Court on October 10.

In a press release last week the force said its application for destruction order was "proportionate."

A spokesman said: "Letting the dog back was not an option. There were too many victims for this to be considered a safe option.”

The petition can be viewed here.