Tabby cat left fighting for it's life after being shot twice by an air rifle in Northampton

Cat-owners have spoken of their upset after their beloved pet has been left fighting for it's life following a shooting involving an air rifle on two separate occasions in Northampton.

Tuesday, 2nd May 2017, 5:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:56 pm
Buddy, who is two years and six months old, was shot twice by an air rifle.

Sophie Foster and Oli Tarry of Kingsthorpe said their two-year-old cat, Buddy was shot by a velocity bullet last week and has since been left fighting for his life at a veterinary surgery.

Sophie said: "My partner is heartbroken, Buddy is not just a cat, but he is part of the family.

"He is showing signs of recovery, but he is still not out of the danger zone, there were four major wounds. The vet is amazed he is still alive.

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Buddy's wound.

"He loves his sister, roaming over the golf course and is really fussy."

The pair started to show concern when Buddy did not return home for dinner on Tuesday, April 25 and upon his arrival on Wednesday, they noticed he started to look unhappy.

Immediately, they took him for a check-up and a vet discovered the bullet travelled through his spleen and into his intestine.

After an x-ray, the vet confirmed Buddy had been shot twice, one shooting was four weeks prior and some of his intestines have now been removed as a result of his injuries.

Buddy's wound.

Oli added: "What's happened to our boy is absolutely sickening, we hope Buddy will make a full recovery, seeing him in such a horrible way is heartbreaking. Let's hope we find out which evil human has done this."